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Bra help please

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BoaConstrictor Tue 23-Aug-16 21:21:55

I am getting very frustrated! I did the intervention a few years ago & came out as a 32E & that hasn't changed. I definitely need some new bras and have spent hours recently trying on different ones and am really struggling.
After breastfeeding two children for a year each, I definitely have empty sock shapes breasts. From threads I have read on here, I think balcony style ones are supposed to fit best but what is the fit supposed to look like? I think I was expecting them to sit under my breasts, lift them up and be able to see the top half of my breast but all of the ones I have tried come up really high and the top half of the cup is empty. If I go down a cup size (or two) it still doesn't fill the entire cup. At the same time, the wires come so high in the middle that they dig into my ribs and cause bruising (this has happened with ones fitted by Bravissimo as well as ones I have fitted myself...according to Bravissimo, my ribs are in an unusual place!).
For now, I have bought two emergency plunge style ones. I have to have an E cup to avoid spillage in the middle but, again, the top of the cup nearest my shoulder is empty. Should it be?
What other styles are there? What should I be looking at?

CMOTDibbler Tue 23-Aug-16 21:27:51

You want a half cup style - like Patsy - it'll give you the shape you want.

I do find some bras get described as half cup, but don't come as straight across, so you do need to look at them

BoaConstrictor Tue 23-Aug-16 22:43:17

Thank you! That looks exactly like the sort of thing I am after.

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