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Probably a really stupid question but how do you know what's fashionable?

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Nzou1050 Tue 23-Aug-16 17:09:12

As the title says really, I haven't a clue! As someone who has only ever bought stuff in the sale and worn stuff for years on end I've got no idea how you know what's in? Do i just look at what the shops are currently selling and assume that's it or are there any good websites with style ideas? Budget isn't massive. I normally buy clothes in Sainsbury's!

RoughMagic Tue 23-Aug-16 17:12:22

There are loads of fashion blogs out there. I follow several where the author had a similar body shape/style to me and take inspiration from there. I'm not a slave to fashion but I know what suits me. Style is more important than following all the latest trends.

DelphiniumBlue Tue 23-Aug-16 17:24:47

Look at shop windows and magazines, plus looking at people around you.
But I would have thought that most shops are going to be selling clothes that are currently fashionable, especially places like Top Shop, H & M, Zara etc.
Pinterest can be useful for ideas too.

Nettletheelf Tue 23-Aug-16 18:46:20

I always check what other people I perceive as stylish are wearing.

I never bother 'taking inspiration from the catwalk'. One idea in ten sticks and filters down to clothes normal people actually buy.

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