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ph neutral or non-acidic face wash

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CookieDoughKid Tue 23-Aug-16 16:34:34

Can anyone recommend a ph neutral and non-acidic face wash for combination skin please? I'm using the NIOD and Hylamide range from Deciem and whilst I'm happy to fork out for the more expensive face serums etc, I want to save money and use a cheaper cleanser. Deciem recommends to use a non-acidic face wash prior to their serums as the ingredients from the serums can be quickly destroyed by the acids (so they say) but I'm struggling to find deep face wash that doesn't including stuff like salicylic acid.

Any recommendations welcome - especially for oily combination skin!

Talisin Tue 23-Aug-16 17:05:45

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser (ph of 5.5) is good and gets recomended a lot on asian beauty forums and by bloggers.

CookieDoughKid Tue 23-Aug-16 20:49:11

Thanks Talisin!

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