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Clothes for that in between pregnancy stage when you basically just look fat?

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Penguin13 Mon 22-Aug-16 17:13:33

Hoping for some inspiration. I work in a very casual office and usually live in jeans. 9 weeks with DC2 and thanks to a constant need to feed combined with bloating I am feeling really uncomfortable in my jeans but not quite ready to capitulate and start wearing my mat clothes just yet! Steadfastly refuses to acknowledge the maternity dresses still being worn since DD was born 20 months ago blush Any suggestions for clothes to tide me through this stage? I think leggings will be a step too far on the casual front but have just spent an afternoon feeling so sick and uncomfortable with my waistband digging in. Was hoping to find a nice stretchy/not too gathered maxi skirt (am a pear with a bit of a mum tum) but have struggled to find anything suitable.

Penguin13 Mon 22-Aug-16 22:03:21

Anyone? The 'good' news is that it turns out feeling sick all afternoon was the onset of a tummy bug and not morning sickness/clothes being too tight after all. Would still love some practical suggestions though smile

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