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chough Sun 21-Aug-16 19:36:33

There isn't an M and Co near me, but I'm going on holiday soon, to a town which has a branch.
I've walked past it before, but never been in for a look around.
Anyone bought anything nice there recently, or is it a bit of a dated shop?

janethegirl2 Sun 21-Aug-16 19:39:35

Depends on your age, my DM loves it but she's over 75.

chough Sun 21-Aug-16 19:47:57

Might just walk on by ,*jane*!

apatheticfallacy Sun 21-Aug-16 19:53:43

I used to live around the corner from one in a small town with no other clothes shops. I can't count the number of times I walked in hoping to find something and decided to drive 30 mins to the next town instead.

In 2 years the only thing I ever bought were some PJs for DH. They had reindeer on. I'm fairly sure it was he only nice thing they stocked in those two years

janethegirl2 Sun 21-Aug-16 20:15:35

Tbf chough the tshirts are ok but I don't rate the rest. If you're near one, have a look and make your own mind up. They do sometimes have okish things in.

elephantoverthehill Sun 21-Aug-16 20:26:12

I bought a nice teeshirt, one with arms that come down to my elbow so they conceal the bingo wings, but they only had it one colour. I have also bought some tops for work. DD like the tweenagers fashion stuff. However in my local town it's either M&Co, Peacocks or New Look. So pretty dire really.

ChippyDucks Sun 21-Aug-16 20:28:42

I bought some nice cotton polo necks last winter from there, some of their basic stuff is good. Don't really rate their fashion items though

ohidoliketobe Sun 21-Aug-16 20:31:02

Kids clothes are good. I bought some smart work tops from there once but they were a bit polyester-y and made me all sweaty and static. . .

redheadbarmaid Sun 21-Aug-16 20:32:44

Agree not high fashion but nice enough. Love their kids/baby clothes though, always been great quality and their sales are brill

MargotLovedTom Sun 21-Aug-16 20:32:57

Did M&Co used to be McKays? It's about the same as Bon Marche then?

CallarMorvern Sun 21-Aug-16 20:37:07

MacKays, yes. I think it's pricey for not great polyester stuff . I prefer Peacocks for that kind of thing, far less money, no worse quality.

LifeIsGoodish Sun 21-Aug-16 20:37:32

I would put them a bit upmarket from Peacocks, New Look and Bon Marche. Unspectacular.

Also very variable. Some seasons dire, some perfectly nice.

I find them a bit too polyestery, and often skimpy on upper arms.

thiswayplease Sun 21-Aug-16 20:52:13

The kids stuff is good and I did get an amazing Christmas party dress online a few years ago which I bring out every year and get plenty of comments on. It's timeless and classic though.

They do some other branded clothing that can be hit or miss. I did get a winter coat from one of the labels they stocked. Only lasted 2 years.

MrsMushrooms Sun 21-Aug-16 20:57:08

I love it! I don't think it's dated, I buy loads from there in the sale (or not in the sale occasionally... If I'm feeling jammy!) and I'm 25 so not exactly an OAP.

Fairylea Sun 21-Aug-16 20:59:46

It's the only clothes shop in our fairly rural village. The nearest other shops are 26 miles away...! I sometimes buy the t shirts if I desperately need one but to be honest for a similar quality and price I'd rather order online from next and have something a little bit trendier. Or even new look if I'm feeling really trendy. (I am late 30s, I know I sound about 70). grin

spankhurst Sun 21-Aug-16 22:18:34

I got a v nice tribal print maxi a couple of years ago. I think if you look through all the stuff there are often good bits.

daftbesom Sun 21-Aug-16 23:07:28

Definitely worth a look. I have basic black trousers from there, also jeggings and accessories.

Still think wistfully of a lovely bodycon "shutter" dress they had a few years ago that I have regretted not buying ever since.

swampytiggaa Sun 21-Aug-16 23:10:55

I have the choice of m&co and new look locally. I buy from new look. I am 47 blush

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 21-Aug-16 23:14:28

def worth a look, but without any expectations! They do have the odd good piece

I have a couple of dresses that always get remarked upon, but most of it is very blah.

I'd say the children's range is good though, BUT my baby is now 18 so I could well be out of touch by now!

SeasonalVag Mon 22-Aug-16 07:36:03

Kids stuff is brilliant, I wascoverjoyed when I found two near me in my new town!

I've bought a couple of nice bits from there

chough Mon 22-Aug-16 11:58:58

Thanks for replies.
I will go in and have a look round.

nonnyno Mon 22-Aug-16 11:59:59

This is the only place that I have ever found jeans that fit me. The other stuff is pretty dreary and on the pricy side.

leccybill Mon 22-Aug-16 12:17:39

Women's clothes absolutely awful but I really rate the kids clothes.
Bought absolutely loads for 6yo DD in there, good quality denim pinafores, holiday dresses, basics, cute tshirts. The sales are great.

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