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How long should a pair of jeans last

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helenlove Sun 21-Aug-16 18:16:00

Bought a pair of 29.99 Zara jeans in May and they now have two faults. Down the zip there is a large hole where the fabric is splitting and there is now a hole where one of the belt loops has come out! I've never even worn a belt.

I don't have the receipt but have a bank statement showing the purchase amount. Is it worth risking the snooty scorn of the staff or shall I just forget it...? How long should a pair of jeans last?

mumsnit Sun 21-Aug-16 18:26:32

I've had jeans last for years except a few pairs from Sainsbury's which faded almost immediately and looked awful!

All my other jeans which are mostly from Tesco, Next, GAP have lasted and lasted.

I would take them back with the bank statement - it's only 3 months since you bought them so I think you're right to complain about the quality!

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