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Help me find a short ditsy floral skirt please!

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TheMonkeysOnTheTable Sun 21-Aug-16 15:27:49

I see people wearing them, but I can't find any for sale.
I want a 90s floral print skirt - above the knee but not very short - that I can wear with black opaques (and fantasy Dms). Bonus points if it's bottle green/ burgandy/ rust.
Which shops should I be looking at?

antimatter Sun 21-Aug-16 15:28:46

Have you checked Asos?

heehaaw Sun 21-Aug-16 15:30:45

I've been looking for similar, not much joy. Urban Outfitters often sell things like this but £££. Usually H&M or Asos would be good too but haven't found anything. I've been wearing floral minidresses under jumpers instead.

TallulahTheTiger Sun 21-Aug-16 15:35:27

Jack wills or if you're a small and can ebay...

TheMonkeysOnTheTable Sun 21-Aug-16 15:38:00

There's suprisingly little (well nothing really) on Asos. I did buy a smock dress that was great colour/print wise but mAde me look pregnant. I haven't sent it back yet so will try it with a jumper just incase first.

I almost ran after someone in the street wearing a perfect looking one yesterday to see where she bought it from. Sort of regret not asking her now.

I'll pay more attention to dresses too.

Thecatgotmytongue Sun 21-Aug-16 15:39:05

Blue Banana any good?

TheMonkeysOnTheTable Sun 21-Aug-16 15:39:44

Forgot to say thanks for replying.

Talluhlah - I'm sadly not a size 8!

TheMonkeysOnTheTable Sun 21-Aug-16 15:46:14

Never hear of blue banana. I'm heading to the park with dd now so will look when I get back. Thanks.

TallulahTheTiger Sun 21-Aug-16 15:46:26

This is giving me lovely 90s flashbacks! C&A and miss selfridge were the best for them.

YvaineStormhold Sun 21-Aug-16 15:48:56

God, I had a gorgeous one in 1991.

I remember it to this day. I wore it exactly as you plan to, OP, with DMs and a black tshirt.

Man, I was cute then.

<utterly unhelpful>

YvaineStormhold Sun 21-Aug-16 15:50:49


YvaineStormhold Sun 21-Aug-16 15:54:14

mega cheap

Toffeelatteplease Sun 21-Aug-16 16:33:38

short cute and ditsy but it is quite short

TheMonkeysOnTheTable Mon 22-Aug-16 18:02:00

Thanks! I actually really like the hush one. Will go and look in H&m too.

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