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Neither style nor beauty but save my feet!

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MeIAm Sun 21-Aug-16 14:24:05

Regularly have my fingernails done and would like my toenails done at the same time - mostly because I'm lazy and the shellac seems to last on my fingers!

My feet are awful! I'm actually too embarrassed to let the nail technician do them. Have broken toes that have healed bent and gnarly, hard skin everywhere (though was recommended a foot buffer thing on here and after 2 uses the skin has really improved). Main problem is my toenails, they are thick, cracked, peeling and discoloured as to hide them I've been using dark polish and it's really stained them blush

Is there anyway I can improve my feet, especially my nails, so I can have them pretty, professionally done? I really want to be able to be barefoot without feeling ashamed!

LilQueenie Sun 21-Aug-16 14:34:33

your toenails sound like they may have a fungal infection. Two of mine were. What I tried was to cut (they needed it) One was really thick but after cutting it almost normal thickness again. Also I read about putting vicks vapour run on the nail and leave it overnight. Wear a bedsock for this. My nail has improved dramatically. I second using the foot buffer. They are ace.

LilQueenie Sun 21-Aug-16 14:35:25

Maybe use a clear nail varnish that is designed to enrich the nail with vitamins and strengthen them.

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