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Black skinnies that don't fade? Do they exist?

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seri0usly Sun 21-Aug-16 13:29:04

But sick of replacing black jeans every few months. Some I've had have faded after only a few months and I think it looks a bit crap when you wear them with a black wool coat and black leather boots that stay true to the colour.

Does a pair exist that doesn't fade from the first wash??

yummymummy1920 Sun 21-Aug-16 13:30:43

I got mine from next .. Everyday leggings I think they are called just stretchy jeans not actually leggings

BeyondLovesSweetDee Sun 21-Aug-16 13:31:47

I have the much loved high waisted ones from new look. Problem is, they are so black they make everything else look faded!!

LuckySantangelo1 Sun 21-Aug-16 13:33:13

You could always re-black them with some Dylon dye, either machine dye or the hand wash kind.

Biscetti Sun 21-Aug-16 13:35:11

Agree with Lucky. I just shove my pairs in the machine every so often with Dylon. Back to new instantly.

Quodlibet Sun 21-Aug-16 13:38:36

Expensive but gstar skinnies stay jet black and don't bag/stretch at all. Mine look brand new after 18m fairly regular wear.

TheViewFromTheSheepSeats Sun 21-Aug-16 13:42:42

Zara grin still beautiful and black after a year of almost constant wear.

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