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What the hell is Johnnie playing at? Why has Boden dropped size 22 from some of the range?

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Northernlurker Sat 20-Aug-16 23:14:44

Thought I'd have a browse this evening and was shocked. Everything I like is now up to 20 only. What the hell? Boden has done a 22 for years. Where does the selective sizing come in?

A1Sharon Sat 20-Aug-16 23:17:51

ANd they've scrapped Johnnie B range.
Tbf they lost the ply when they stopped doing the tartan baggies...
I bought nothing for myself from their range last year and half the stuff I usually would for the boys.
PJs from White Co instead, POP and Canterbury alternatives.
I love Joules at the min as the tops are much longer!

A1Sharon Sat 20-Aug-16 23:19:42

Plot not ply.
Joules sizing is very generous IMO OP, and they go up to a 20, so light be worth a try?

ilovecherries Sat 20-Aug-16 23:20:37

I've already complained to Boden about this, and know of at least one other person who has. The response I got was that larger sizes represented a tiny part of their market. Which of course would be why they always seem to sell out...confused There's also a couple of things in the catalogue listed as up to a 22, but on the website go up only to a 20. Some real basic stuff as well.

Northernlurker Sat 20-Aug-16 23:21:57

I've looks at joules before and it's ok for Bretons but not that keen on a lot of it. Monsoon isn't bad. I'm just cross. What's the point of this?

Northernlurker Sat 20-Aug-16 23:22:21

I've looks at joules before and it's ok for Bretons but not that keen on a lot of it. Monsoon isn't bad. I'm just cross. What's the point of this?

Northernlurker Sat 20-Aug-16 23:52:57

Mind you as Bretons are one of the things johnnie can no longer bear to sell me Joules it will have to be.

MountainDweller Sun 21-Aug-16 00:02:42

Oh no! I haven't looked recently, that's very bad news. I will be complaining too!

Andbabymakesthree Sun 21-Aug-16 00:12:02

Oh well be a while before I fit into a 20. Silly boden.

NewBallsPlease00 Sun 21-Aug-16 00:24:59

By reducing the ratio of sizes (ie 6-22 vs 8-18) there will be a saving on cost price and reduced markdown. By having a size 22 in the range the size 12 for example would cost perhaps 5% more overall- at a time when exchange rates are screwed (thanks brexit) in order to maintain quality and be profitable you will see loads more of this
If it was sold out in 22 it's because they bought less to begin with but literally double fabric of a 12 yet charging same price is a financial stretch to overall profitability
Nb I don't work fo Boden!!

MachiKoro Sun 21-Aug-16 00:32:56

If the size was always sold out, why would you stop selling it? confused

I am v miffed about the change to the tartan baggies. DS wears them all the time, but they're cut wrong for him now.

meck Sun 21-Aug-16 00:42:44

Oh yes, size 22 gone. Johnnieb gone too. Well it's been merged with mini, but I can't see some of those clothes, even the upper range, appealing to older teenagers.

Bit weird. Also not much of a range at all online yet

NewBallsPlease00 Sun 21-Aug-16 01:11:47

Machi the size is sold because they buy less eg a ratio is a grouping of products which is the agreed order batch sizes placed with the producers- obv figs different to below, but over overall way the fabric will be cut / distributed etc
If they upped the ratio at the top end they use more fabric, the overall cost increases and if it doesn't sell through the overall profit is negated because the profit per se is less on a larger item than smaller, hence why a size ratio pack is agreed - does that make any sense? (Baby won't sleep and 'be not spoken to adults for a couple of days 😳)
6 X 2
8 x4
10 X 8
12 X 8
14 X 10
16 X 10
18 X 4
20 X 2
22 X 2

meck Sun 21-Aug-16 01:22:39

Impressive! grin

Just5minswithDacre Sun 21-Aug-16 01:34:40

Yes that makes sense New and it's very interesting.

RonaldMcDonald Sun 21-Aug-16 01:40:11

My mum is devastated by this. She adored Boden and it made her feel better about herself
Bloody poor show

Just5minswithDacre Sun 21-Aug-16 01:47:41

New is it typical that the largest batches will be for sizes 14 and 16 or is that just an example?

Northernlurker Sun 21-Aug-16 01:48:16

I know how your mum feels. I have so much lovely stuff from Boden. Feels sad it's not available now.
The analysis below is standard clothing retail rationale. It doesn't explain or justify not stocking a size altogether. So they ordered two 22 and 10 12. They always sold the 22. Now they've made a decision not to sell it at all.

thecatfromjapan Sun 21-Aug-16 01:49:35

Good grief! I hadn't thought of it as a Brexit casualty!
Really interesting posts, NewBalla - your talking-to-adult skills are not

BazHasUnfortunateEyes Sun 21-Aug-16 02:19:46

Count yourself lucky, if you are petite (presumably 5ft 3 or under is how most shops qualify it), Johnny says you aren't allowed to be bigger than a size 14 angry

Housewife2010 Sun 21-Aug-16 07:36:17

Meck , Johnnie B hasn't gone. It's still on the website.

heatherwithapee Sun 21-Aug-16 07:44:35

Interesting stuff NewBalls.

I have to say, I've always wondered how adult clothes are generally the same price in all sizes of a particular design, whereas kids' clothes in lots of shops tend to have different price points depending on what size of the same piece you're buying.

StopMakingMeLogOn Sun 21-Aug-16 08:48:50

I think it would fair to charge more money for clothes that use more material and that consumers would tolerate this (and less money for smaller sizes) to cover the cost of the extra material. Discontinuing larger sizes just seems lazy and offensive to me - it is saying that larger customers don't matter.

If this is about exchange rates, have they put the cost of the smaller sizes down or are they savong money at the top size end and not passing that down to the rest of their customers?

Passthecake30 Sun 21-Aug-16 10:40:04

I agree with stop, children's clothes increase slightly in price as you go up the sizes so why not inflate the larger sizes price slightly rather than cut them?

Wolpertinger Sun 21-Aug-16 10:49:51

Of course it was a tiny part of their market - because they never made the bloody sizes angry

I stopped shopping at Boden years ago despite being bang in their target market and loving their clothes when I got too fat for the top of their sizes when they only went up to an 18/20 which were always on the small side as well. Never bothered to look again since.

It's their own stupid fault.

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