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Babyliss diamond heated smoothing brush.

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insuranceidiot Sat 20-Aug-16 08:31:27

I wonder has anyone tried the Babyliss Diamind heated smoothing brush? Is it worth the steep price tag?

Brillenbar Sat 20-Aug-16 09:17:02

Stalking as this looks like it should be perfect for me ...

Oh2beatsea Sat 20-Aug-16 09:41:27

Following with interest!!! I was enquiring about a Brazilian Blow dry at the hairdressers but think it might be too much for my fluffy frizzy candy floss like hair!!!
This brush looks like a good option tho!
Wonder if it is for sale anywhere else any cheaper??

Oh2beatsea Sat 20-Aug-16 09:45:26

Might be worth looking on the shopping channel QVC as they sometimes do good offers plus you can try it out for 30 days and send back if it's a big Larry let down šŸ˜‰
Nothing on QVC at the mo.

EmpressTomatoKetchup Sat 20-Aug-16 12:11:20

The babyliss looks a lot like the one I bought last week after this thread.

Staceyoakley Sun 21-Aug-16 15:21:01

I just bought these, will let you know what they're like!

Phoebebe Sun 04-Dec-16 18:45:40

How was it? Does it work? So expensive!!

DottieDoLittle Sun 04-Dec-16 19:27:20

Bought it from QVC but sent it back sadly.

It made my hair really, really greasy looking.

Phoebebe Sun 04-Dec-16 20:04:27

Really ah dammit might look on eBay then!

ilovecherries Mon 05-Dec-16 08:39:48

I have a cheap look-a-like that I bought and loved. Used it constantly for 6 months and decided to buy the babyliss one as I thought it would be even better. Big disappointment. The babyliss one now lives in our camper van for occasional use, and the look alike is bag in daily service.

MyDogIsNicerThanYourDog Mon 05-Dec-16 08:47:51

Bought this a couple of weeks ago - absolutely love it. Tames my frizzy mop for a groomed but not overly ironed look in 5 minutes. Bit of a knack to it - needs a brush to "guide" it but didn't take long to master.

ilovecherries Mon 05-Dec-16 09:04:36

^^. That's the one I have.

Phoebebe Mon 05-Dec-16 09:25:53

Strange how all the reviews on that are in poor English!

MyDogIsNicerThanYourDog Mon 05-Dec-16 10:57:34

Ahh - I bought mine off the website where I live. I do wonder if they auto translate the reviews from one site to another.

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