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Swimwear/bra sizing help

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WhenASuitcaseJustWontDo Fri 19-Aug-16 18:17:24

Can anyone help me with sizing please?
I ordered a swimsuit in a bra size, as it was in the sale I bought my sister size of the chest larger and cup smaller. The swimsuit arrived, and is beautiful, only problem is it is far too tight around the chest. I ended up measuring it, it's 7 inches smaller than the chest size with give. Is this normal? The company I have bought it through are being a little difficult about replacing it. TIA

marriednotdead Fri 19-Aug-16 23:39:25

That doesn't sound right at all.

If you bought it online, I'm pretty sure that you have the right to refund it under Distance Selling Regulations.

keeponkeepinon Sat 20-Aug-16 12:05:57

Look up distance selling act though it's changed to consumerent contracts or similar. 7 days under distance selling to cancel the order. Just quote that to them. What brand was the swimsuit? I find they varyou so much in size. Tried a sized curvy Kate bikini a year ago and could barely fasten even though it was the right size . I've had a bra in the same size so should have been right in theory. This year I bought a freya cossie with a bra inside and tbh it's much bigger and looser. I expect in bikinis they are made tighter for a bit more security iykwim? Though it shouldn't be that much smaller! Its just really tricky I think it's a case of trying out loads. If you could get to a department store it would be easier. Debenhams often have a good range.

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