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Cosmetic Dentistry and Surgery

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MrsWhippie Fri 19-Aug-16 12:54:31

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on here so please point me in the right direction! I've reached the grand age of 52 & never really spent any money on myself, hair, clothes etc. When we got some money from DH Mum's will we spent it on the house. Now I've got some money that's MINE from my Dad. Automatic thought is to spend it on the house again, but I'm thinking wait! I'm gonna die with these terrible teeth! I have a serious overbite, my teeth are tiny so if I actually close them together my face looks crumpled as if I forgot to put dentures in. When I smile they are so small they don't even show. So my question is: how do I go about getting "quotes" from cosmetic dentists, and are there any clinics that do both dentistry & cosmetic surgery so I can get some decent advice? Thanks for reading x :-)

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