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Any idea how to make white Superga trainers look clean(ish) again?

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WhereAreWeNow Thu 18-Aug-16 11:41:34

Or any white canvas shoes really? Mine are looking very grey and grubby but I'm not sure if they can go in the washing machine.

seenitallbefore Thu 18-Aug-16 12:00:20

They are fine to go in the washing machine . My white ones came up really well .

RusholmeRuffian Thu 18-Aug-16 12:35:44

They are fine to go in the washing machine. Stuff them with kitchen roll while they dry to help keep the shape.

overthehillandroundthemountain Thu 18-Aug-16 12:36:28

I always put mine in the washing machine. You could also wash them inside a pillowcase to protect them a bit more.

SleepFreeZone Thu 18-Aug-16 12:36:55

Those magic sponges?

WhereAreWeNow Thu 18-Aug-16 12:47:35

Thanks all. Doesn't it knacker your washing machine?

WhereAreWeNow Thu 18-Aug-16 12:48:02

Oh, and another stupid question: quick wash, long cycle, hot or cool?

HeyMicky Thu 18-Aug-16 12:58:00

Mix bicarb and lemon juice into a paste and rub all over the shoes. Leave to dry and then leave in the sun for a day or so. Brush/bash the dry residue off and you'll have lovely white trainers again

Sgtmajormummy Thu 18-Aug-16 13:01:18

I clean the outside rubber trims with white cif liquid if that's any help...

overthehillandroundthemountain Thu 18-Aug-16 13:12:51

I wash mine on a wool wash. My machine also has a 'hand wash' option which I also use. Anything implying delicates is good, and leave them in the sun to dry.

In more ruthless times I've put Converse in the tumble dryer shock It's fine, but I suspect the glue melts a bit around the rubber trims.

WhereAreWeNow Fri 19-Aug-16 08:51:43

Thanks everyone. I'll give it a go tonight.

MadJackMcMad Fri 19-Aug-16 10:58:46

I always wash my white Supergas, have worn them for years and buy a new pair every couple of years. I've even washed white leather Supergas several times and they look great. TIP - do not use a biological detergent OR a colour detergent - they still contain some biological enzymes - as it will make the rubber yellow and the glue discolour; get non-bio tabs (I use Sainsbo's own) and use a short wash 30 or 40 degrees, put an old light coloured bath towel in there to cushion the washing machine drum.

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