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Bra question

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earthyambitions Thu 18-Aug-16 10:51:18

Just received my order from bravissimo and tried them on but disappointingly none are quite right. All gape slightly on the cup. I am currently wearing a 36f from next which gas a but if excess fabric since I lost a bit of weight so I went for a 36e from bravissimo but same problem and can fasten easily on tightest hooks.

Have now measured and am 33 inches under boobs and 41 inches round widest part so that would be 34f wouldn't it which is why they feel too big but if I go for f do you think cups will be big seeing as the e was big or do you the band size will fix that?

What style are the bras you've ordered, and what sort of shape are your boobs? Quite often (especially after weight loss) breasts can lose upper fullness and that means that bras with taller cups can gape at the top but going down in the cup doesn't help as then they're too small elsewhere. If that's the case then a half cup or proper balconette can work much better

earthyambitions Thu 18-Aug-16 13:08:44

Yes I think that might bet he problem actually. Got a mixture of styles and half cups were less noticeably gapey. Also larger on side than the other so some were a better fit on one side and terrible on the other!

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