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Dresses with too-high waists

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AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:01:30

I have a dress problem. The dresses which fit me in other respects always have waists that sit too high up, on my rib cage. I'm not especially tall (5'6'-5'7''), although have larger-than-average boobs so I suppose they sort of take up material. Can anyone tell me which shops might have dresses with lower waists? Oasis, Warehouse, Topshop (not that I should be shopping there at my age), etc., all seem to have the same problem for me.
Many thanks, my online stylists.

emsyj Wed 17-Aug-16 18:04:27

I always have this issue with Boden so havf stopped buying dresses there. Jaeger (from the online outlet unless you're feeling flush) are a good fit on me (size down). Dorothy Perkins are usually a good fit for me also. We are a very similar shape judging by your description.

Doobigetta Wed 17-Aug-16 18:06:37

I have this problem as well. Although not because of big boobs- I think my natural waist just sits low on me. It's really annoying having waistlines hover an inch or so above where they should be, isn't it? I've heard that it's partly because manufacturers in Asia cut corners when adapting patterns originally designed for smaller Asian sizes- they just add length onto the hem rather than all over. So might be worth looking for European manufacturers or just being prepared to spend more?

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:11:40

Thank you, Emsy and Doob, for feeling my pain.
I think I would actually spend more to get around this issue if I knew where (and the fact that Boden also has this problem says to me that this might not be just a money issue?). I'll check out Jaeger - thanks. I've had the waist issue with Dorothy Perkins really recently, so sadly don't think that one will work for me.

JasperDamerel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:15:44

I am small-boobed, narrow-shouldered, fat and long-bodied, and I tend to buy either empire line or dresses that fall from the shoulder. Anything with a nipped in waist looks dreadful, particularly when it isn't on my waist in the first place.

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:33:20

Dresses that fall from the shoulder can look brilliant, Jasper, and I'm envious that you can carry them off. And yes, I think whatever your body shape, waists don't look at all good when they don't actually sit on your waist. For me, nipped-in waists basically suit my shape better, but when the waist sits on my ribs I look ridiculous.

frenchfancy Wed 17-Aug-16 18:37:14

You are not alone. It is one of the reasons I started sewing again so my dresses finally fit.

I wonder how much a dressmaker would charge.

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 17-Aug-16 18:42:08

Yes, frenchfancy, I dream of being someone who can sew well, or of being able to employ a personal dressmaker...

ProseccoPoppy Wed 17-Aug-16 18:46:48

If it's a boob issue try pepperberry - because they allow properly for boobs they sit where they're meant to. I'm short but chubby with melon like boobs (still breastfeeding) and they are one of the few places that do dresses that don't ride up my rib cage and make me look like I'm pregnant again bulge out unflatteringly underbust.

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Wed 17-Aug-16 19:20:13

That's a good idea Prosecco - thank you. I'm not sure whether it's a boob issue or not (I'm not huge - 32C/D) but that definitely sounds worth a try.

MagentaRose72 Wed 17-Aug-16 21:07:17

I have this problem too, being 5'5" tall and a size 16. No shop bought dresses seem to fit me properly so I have been learning to sew. For me, dresses that are too short in the body make me look pregnant, not a good look for me!

minipie Wed 17-Aug-16 21:14:18

I've been noticing this too - despite being short (though average length torso --short legs--). I often end up looking pregnant as a result! Very annoying.

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Wed 17-Aug-16 21:15:49

I have this problem and I'm only five foot three!
I find gap long bodied but they're not great for dresses. Next are terrible. Esprit are ok. White stuff have nice empire line stuff. It's hard to drop the waist on a lot of dresses because of construction. It's not like making something shorter...
Mainly I sew my own. I'm lucky enough to have an overlocker so I can use jersey fabrics. I have a few basic patterns I adapt. You can buy a basic overlocker for a couple of hundred quid or get a second hand one. Or you can use the zig zag stitch on a regular machine. If you don't sew, you could try a course at a local fabric shop - there are plenty around.
It's great to make stuff that fits. I also sew for my son who is super skinny and shop bought pants never fit him.

If you don't fancy doing it yourself you could always buy a pattern you liked and material and am a local dressmaker.

You can get nice (ex designer) dress fabrics from places like Fabric Godmother.

RunRabbitRunRabbit Wed 17-Aug-16 21:21:08

OK, so, this is kind of a stupid sewing newbie question but how do you get the stuff you sew yourself to be an excellent fit?

Everything I have tried to sew from a pattern has not been right either, which is gutting when it has taken me ages.

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Wed 17-Aug-16 21:28:27

which bits don't fit? Boobs? Waist height? Length?

TheHubblesWindscreenWipers Wed 17-Aug-16 21:35:14

So you can adjust a pattern to be almost anything you want. There are loads of great blogs out there about doing various adjustments.
If it's just length, most patterns have a length adjustment line you can cut and expand or reduce the pattern on.
If it's the bust, then if you google 'sewing full bust adjustment' you'll see how to do it.
There re also some good books on the basic adjustments - I have a cheap dorling kindersley type one that's amazing and goes through how to adjust bust, hip, pants etc.
Mainly though it's about practice. Buy some super cheap fabric and make a mock up of it. If you can get a second hand dressmakers dummy even better.

MagentaRose72 Thu 18-Aug-16 00:02:34

You can have sewing lessons... Have you seen Libby Roses website?

Sentry70 Thu 18-Aug-16 00:30:05

Oh god, I feel your pain! I'm 5ft 7 and a 34FF, size 16 and cannot remember the last time I got a dress waistline to actually sit on my waist. I also have the problem that if I buy to fit my boobs and bum, the shoulders are too big and the neckline is often cut so low that you can see my bra. I have a wedding coming up and just cannot find a dress that fits. I hate clothes shopping, it frustrates me so much!

ijustwannadance Thu 18-Aug-16 00:31:55

I have this issue. 5'6 but with a long torso. Try the tall ranges in shops. Waist will sit better. I have to buy coats from the tall range too or the pockets sit too high up. Easy enough to take up the sleeves if too long.

DelphiniumBlue Thu 18-Aug-16 08:00:55

I have the opposite problem, the waist is too low on most dresses for me. I am 5'4, ( so not particularly short) fairly big boobs, and often have to take up dresses from the shoulders in order to raise the waist.
Have just done this on 2 White Stuff dresses, so might be worth you trying them.
Damsel in a Dress are ridiculously long bodied on me, so might work for you.

Trills Thu 18-Aug-16 08:18:25

I'm 5'7 and often buy the tall range in high street shops, if they have one. Even when they say they should be for people who are 5'9 and above.

midnightmoomoo Thu 18-Aug-16 10:28:03

I'm long in the body too so anything with a fixed waist can be too high on me, even things like a dressing gown!

AnotherEffingOrangeRevel Thu 18-Aug-16 10:42:06

I'm sorry to hear all your similar (and dissimilar) waist woes. Looks like we all need to go back to the days of individual tailoring (or wear sacks). Thank you for the tips. Tall range clothing might be the way to go, and I'll look at White Stuff and Damsel, Delph - thanks. I hate shopping too, sentry, but I love nice clothes that fit, so I just need a personal stylist to go with my tailor...

wiltingfast Thu 18-Aug-16 10:48:43

Reiss maybe? I've a high waist and their dresses never fit me.

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Thu 18-Aug-16 10:53:04

Me too. I've stopped buying dresses for this reason. I'm 5ft 8. Boden are the worst offenders.

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