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Outfit for nice restaurant

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taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 12:37:20

It's my wedding anniversary at the weekend and at short notice we've got a babysitter so we're going to a posh restaurant.

I've not been for a nice meal for aaaaages. The stuff I would've worn before is out of fashion (not that I'm that bothered) or doesn't suit or fit me now.

So, what do people wear now. I'm 5'3, early 30s, size 10. I used to be an hourglass but children stole my tits so I guess that makes me a pear. Restaurant is a nice, fine dining type of place but rural Yorkshire so not super trendy or anything.

Also, it'll need to be delivered quite quickly.....

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Wed 17-Aug-16 12:39:16

Much lower key and fancy than you think.

Google images of the restaurant, quite often there are pics and you can see what people are wearing.

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 12:53:12

Yeah, I don't want to be super dressed up, but would like to look nice and as if I'd made an effort. I was thinking of a plain dress or something but no real idea of shapes, styles etc.

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 16:20:07

I quite like this sort of thing:

Don't think I'd want to pay £130 though.

Any other ideas?

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 18:10:54

Ok, last desperate bump! I've been trawling through pages of dresses and seeing either nightclub or office. If anyone has some nice dress or outfit ideas to throw my way I'd be very grateful!

Magazinepile Wed 17-Aug-16 18:17:25

Try next, it's next day delivery as well X

Magazinepile Wed 17-Aug-16 18:21:14

Something like this maybe? Might be a little short though. Fairly similar to the Boden one, just half the cost!

These are all women's dresses with lace X

Summer23 Wed 17-Aug-16 18:23:05

I like this

Magazinepile Wed 17-Aug-16 18:23:32

Aha! This is very similar to the Boden one! I love it!smile

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 19:26:09

I like the Ted Baker one but wonder if it's a bit too fancy? That one is good magazine but I was looking at the navy in the Boden one, I'm too pasty for white I'm afraid! Next is probably a good bet though, thanks.

Cheesymonster Wed 17-Aug-16 20:32:47

Ooh it's our wedding anniversary this weekend and we're going out for dinner too! I plan to wear skinny dark jeans, a floaty black camisole type top and sparkly sandals.

I've got this in black. It's gorgeous and now ridiculously cheap in the sale too.

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 20:39:09

You know what cheesy I was just thinking I got a nice top that I haven't worn yet and wondering if skinnies, heels and a top would be too low key...... I might do that, I think I've reached the "sod it" point!

taybert Wed 17-Aug-16 20:40:34

Having said that Remus....

Summer23 Wed 17-Aug-16 21:00:33

It might be a bit be of a rush to get a new dress in time. Cheesy's outfit sounds nice and you could even treat yourself to a blow dry or manicure 😀. I ended up ordering a top in Reiss sale whilst looking for you! I saw this but it's backless so probably not suitable

Nice though, although not one I could get away with!

taybert Thu 18-Aug-16 08:52:01

Nice dress but probably too naked in the back as the remains of my poor boobs need a bit of help so still need a bra. I've bought some new skinnies and the dress Remus linked to cos it's a bargain and I'll wear it anyway, even if not on Saturday. I'll do nails etc. to dress up a bit.

NicknameUsed Thu 18-Aug-16 09:09:59

"and wondering if skinnies, heels and a top would be too low key."

No it wouldn't. People just don't dress up much these days. I have some lovely dressy clothes that never get worn because I would look so overdressed if I went out in them.

Cheesymonster Thu 18-Aug-16 14:26:51

Agreed. I went to a birthday party last week in black dress and heels and stuck out like a sore thumb - it screamed "mum's only night out this year". Dressing down, but still looking classy, is so much cooler.

and if your DH is anything like mine he won't take any notice anyway

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 18-Aug-16 14:41:23

Skinnies will be perfect!

Cellardoor23 Thu 18-Aug-16 14:41:59

I went to a fairly posh restraunt the other day. The men I noticed wore jeans, jumper and a shirt underneath with a nice belt. I don't think you can go wrong with smart casual.

Skinnys and a plain top with ballet pumps is what I wore with a big tartan scarf (it was quite chilly that day up here) and I didn't feel over or under dressed.

If you're wondering about the dress code you could maybe look up the restraunt online? Or maybe have a walk past it to see what other people are wearing?

Diddlydokey Thu 18-Aug-16 14:52:35

Something like this for me

Check out Anna Field

taybert Thu 18-Aug-16 15:32:31

Yeah, I'm not too worried about a dress code as such, more just what people would wear. It's not ultra posh and I'm not going in my shorts so from that point of view it will be fine.

I dunno, I've lost some weight recently and my shape is different to how I was pre kids (not worse, just different). In the last few months I've got back some idea of what suits me day to day and work wise but not for going out at all since I never really do it!

Unsuccessful delivery today- the dress Remus linked is lovely but doesn't fit well where the boobs used to be. I also got some coated skinnies from next thinking they'd dress it up a bit but they're not flattering on me at all!

I'll stick with black skinnies, top and pointy sparkly stilettos I think.

taybert Thu 18-Aug-16 15:47:55

I quite like this top. Shame I don't look like the model in the coated leggings!

Sorry the dress didn't work for you. I'm looking forward to wearing mine with tights, boots and a biker jacket - not so fond of summer dressing!

Honestly though - wear what you like and what you feel good in. It really shouldn't matter what other people are wearing there. I really like skinnies but disagree with PP: 'skinny jeans and a nice top' is as much of a cliche as 'Mum in a dress for a rare night out'. Seriously, nobody will bat an eyelid unless you are in full on ball gown, or something grubby/too much flesh exposed.

taybert Thu 18-Aug-16 16:08:54

Well, it is my only night out this year so that doesn't really matter! Also not that bothered about other people, just want to feel confident (and maybe a bit glam?) in what I'm wearing, I'm just not sure how to do that at the moment. Think I'm getting there though!

Wondered about sizing up the coated jeans and wearing less of a "nice top" and more a relaxed cream or white shirt like this or this add in diamonds, hair, make up, might work? Also has the advantage that I could wear the component parts again.

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