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Cream eyeshadow

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SapphireStrange Wed 17-Aug-16 12:35:25

Can anyone recommend me a neutral eyeshadow?

I want a cream one so I can apply it with fingers instead of faffing with brushes. Ideally matte as opposed to pearlised or glittery.

The powder one I like is Mac's Orb; I'd like as close a colour match to this as possible.

I tried a Color Tattoo one but couldn't find it in a pale enough shade.

I'd prefer high-street prices but would consider paying up to about Bobbi Brown money. NOT Tom Ford-level prices, although Sali Hughes is so persuasive about their stuff I'm almost tempted!

StewardsEnquiry Wed 17-Aug-16 12:48:53

Bobbin Brown Malted is nice neutral matte.

SapphireStrange Wed 17-Aug-16 12:55:46

Thank you! May be a bit dark for me though.

ElspethFlashman Wed 17-Aug-16 12:56:32

Mac Painterly paint pot. An old reliable.

vimtoqueen1 Wed 17-Aug-16 12:56:43

Benefit Creaseless cream pot in Bikini-tini is my go to for most days and is a great base if you want to apply darker colours over the top.

Ellarose85 Wed 17-Aug-16 13:07:27

Another one for Benefits creme eyeshadows

SapphireStrange Wed 17-Aug-16 13:09:00

You're all awesome. Thanks!

Botanicbaby Wed 17-Aug-16 14:06:22

Bare minerals do cream eye shadows they've already got application brushes in which is the only way you can apply it. They have matte and shimmery finishes. They don't come in round pots like the maybelline colour tattoo. Really easy to apply and there is s good selection of flesh/neutral/base colours to choose from. They're about £ 15-18.

SapphireStrange Wed 17-Aug-16 14:09:59

Botanic, is it the Matte Eyeshadow at £15 or the READY Eyeshadow palettes? (they're the only ones I can see on the website).

Ilovetea82 Wed 17-Aug-16 14:19:15

Mac Pro paint pot in Layin low is really nice,

Lndnmummy Wed 17-Aug-16 15:05:06

Bare minerals do an awesome one called 5in1 B something. They are amazing! I dont gush over products easily but they are awesome

Toxicity Wed 17-Aug-16 15:25:33

I use Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow, its brilliant stuff and a great base.

Botanicbaby Wed 17-Aug-16 15:59:12


It's the performance one I have it in soft linen and moss green which I use frequently.

As it happens feel unique has a flash sale in bare minerals products today I've linked below! smileHope you find a shade to suit if you do go for it!

SapphireStrange Wed 17-Aug-16 16:10:20

Thank you!

Indecisivejo Wed 17-Aug-16 17:54:50

Another vote for the bare minerals 5 in 1 ones

Leviticus Wed 17-Aug-16 22:43:36

I use Chanel in Mirage. It looks a bit glittery in the pot but not at all once it's on. Have a try at the counter.

Ifonlyiweretaller Wed 17-Aug-16 22:45:10

MAC painterly for me too. Used in a lesson i had by a make up artist, and I have never looked back.

squoosh Wed 17-Aug-16 23:22:59

I tried a Color Tattoo one but couldn't find it in a pale enough shade

I was looking at these today. Not a decent shade in the entire range!

Liiinoo Thu 18-Aug-16 07:21:55

I loved the Chanel Mirage but it dried out very quickly. KIKO do great cream shadows but only if you have a branch near you. They do have an online shopping service but they ship from Italy and it can take weeks.

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