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If you're a DMs / chunky boots sort of person, what sandals do you wear?

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Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 21:56:56

I've got some sketchers slip on sandals which are ok for slopping around town, but I really need something I can walk a couple of miles in - so really something with straps that hold them on, I guess. Trouble is that all the sandals I see that fit the bill either look like I'd have worn them whem I was 5, or a bit too sensible-walker-ish . . .

busyboysmum Tue 16-Aug-16 22:01:58

I spend the summer in my Birkenstocks mayari. I've got silver and white. Love em.

HoneyDragon Tue 16-Aug-16 22:04:06

Birkies for round and about down,

And a pair of cheap strappy flats from Primark for when I need grown up feet.

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:04:29

The trouble is, I think Birkenstocks would be just right, but I have really wierd toes (honestly!) and anything that has a post between them / loop a toe has to go through doesn't work. (Can't wear proper flipflops either, which is a PITA)

100greenbottles Tue 16-Aug-16 22:07:37

Birkenstock arizonas. No strap. Or classic black or white tevas now trending on asos

choppolata Tue 16-Aug-16 22:19:56

DM do some quite good sandals, not sure how comfy they would be though. I have sensible walker sandals from Karrimor, super daggy! Been looking at these ones but not sure.

MrsFionaCharming Tue 16-Aug-16 22:20:43

I wear chacos, but they might be a bit more sensible-walkerish than you're looking for.

Shallishanti Tue 16-Aug-16 22:21:40

birckenstocks- lots of different styles

Cherry321 Tue 16-Aug-16 22:22:22

Clarks sandals, especially as I have ginormous size 9 feet, but probably all sold out now as think their sale has been on a few weeks.

Maryann1975 Tue 16-Aug-16 22:22:33

I just wear flip flops. Now I think about it, I'm not sure my summer and winter footwear matches at all (dms in the winter, really girly, pretty flip flop type sandels in the summer). I don't suppose it matters or that anyone else has even noticed though.

Pestilence13610 Tue 16-Aug-16 22:23:53

I have some fitflop lulu, they cover 4 miles of commute, plus my office is on the third floor and I am up and down all day.

CalpolOnToast Tue 16-Aug-16 22:23:54

Saltwater here

morethanyoubargainfor Tue 16-Aug-16 22:24:31

I wear Doc martens flip flops. I can't wear normal flip flops as I have paper thin skin but I can happily wear my dm ones for hours even walking through fields! I also have some sensible karrimor ones.

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:25:40

The Tevas look like they might be exactly the thing smile

sconebonjovi Tue 16-Aug-16 22:26:05

Birkenstock madrids. No toe post, mega comfy, and for me they work with most outfits I'd normally wear DMs with!

SillySongsWithLarry Tue 16-Aug-16 22:27:27

Birkenstocks Gizeh. Summer isn't a time for chunky shoes.

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:28:10

Also never realised DMs made sandals - not sure I want to pay that much though - it's not that sunny that often in Wales grin

VagueButlmportant Tue 16-Aug-16 22:28:49

I wear Tevas but that's because they are incredibly comfortable and practical for walking / kayaking / climbing so they might be a bit sensible for you, but I think they are not as bad as some action sandals.

PeepshowPeg Tue 16-Aug-16 22:31:10

Birkenstock Gizehs or Arizonas

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:31:18

I think they're probably the right balance between sensible / smart, Vague.

IKWYM about summer not being the time for chunky, SillySongs, but I'm short & slight & have small/narrow feet, so I quite like a bit of solidity in my footwear.

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:32:11

I rather like these teva sandals.

Fuzzywuzzywasabear Tue 16-Aug-16 22:40:49

Tevas which are really comfortable and not too walkerish

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 22:44:51

Teva-wearers, how do they come up size wise? I'm between a size 3 and 4 (3 for DMs & sketchers, 4 for most other shoes) - but I imagine they're pretty adjustable if the 4 is a little big?

Fuzzywuzzywasabear Tue 16-Aug-16 23:00:28

They are very adjustable mine have 3 straps front over toes, round the heel and across the top of the foot.

Sadik Tue 16-Aug-16 23:04:13

Tevas ordered smile Thanks all! (No doubt it will now rain for the rest of the summer . . .)

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