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Talk to me about comfy, hard wearing slippers

(41 Posts)
JLbaby Tue 16-Aug-16 21:42:08

My Celtic & co ones I got last year are coming to the end of their life, the soles have worn down and are getting slippery on hard floors so I'm looking for some new mule type slippers (the ones without backs you can just slip on). We have hard floors in the majority of our house so hard wearing/non slip soles are important, and nice and fluffy and warm inside!

ChampagneCommunist Tue 16-Aug-16 21:45:45

M&S black ones with pinky/purple inside & proper soles. Made of a sort of velvety material, but sufficient rigidity to hold their shape while still being soft.

Haven't bought any others for 20+ years.

ChampagneCommunist Tue 16-Aug-16 21:48:10

These are the ones: http://www.marksandspencer.com/embossed-rose-slippers/p/p22163919?prevPage=plp&pdpredirect

ChampagneCommunist Tue 16-Aug-16 21:48:22

These are the ones: http://www.marksandspencer.com/embossed-rose-slippers/p/p22163919?prevPage=plp&pdpredirect

SunnySomer Tue 16-Aug-16 21:50:25

I had Ugg ones which lasted ages (years). The sole was a good cm thick, so really really warm.

Waxlyrically Tue 16-Aug-16 21:52:51

Ugg slippers for me every time - they are expensive initially but have far outlived any other slippers I've ever had including some from Celtic & co.

TitusAndromedon Tue 16-Aug-16 21:57:24

Ugg slippers. I wear them for years, then replace them with rubbish ones until my parents take pity on me and buy me new ones for Christmas. Love them.

ObiWanCannoli Tue 16-Aug-16 22:04:36

I bought mens North Face ones in the sale at the beginning of the year as they sold out of my size in the women's. This is a link to the men's slippers which are still on sale if you google. The women's ones look awesome and they are well worth the full price if you can afford it, if not have a search for sale items. Awesome slippers, warm, comfy and so hard wearing.

North Face Slippers

MooMinCow Tue 16-Aug-16 22:05:03

If you can get to a Costco, they do their own brand wool and sheepskin slippers every year around Oct/Nov for around £25-30. They are super cosy and with a proper sturdy sole. I buy a new pair every year

MooMinCow Tue 16-Aug-16 22:07:07


JLbaby Tue 16-Aug-16 22:10:37

Thanks all! Moonincow - they look ideal! Don't you have to be a Costco member to shop there?

MooMinCow Tue 16-Aug-16 22:14:19

Yes, you have to join and pay a membership fee. I got a spouse one initially as DH got his via his employer, but have since got my own (but the t&cs still confuse me)

If you know someone with a card you can go as a guest with them too

biscuitkumquat Tue 16-Aug-16 22:15:50

Another vote here for Ugg slippers. Wouldn't be without them and the only slippers that don't make my feet smell

PeepshowPeg Tue 16-Aug-16 22:27:00

I'm not sure if they deliver to the UK but check out Emu Australia.
Amazing shoes, boots and slippers. We have hard floors and are coming to the end of our winter. My Emus are several years old, going strong and consistently cosy.

KanyesVest Tue 16-Aug-16 22:40:44

If you like the costco ones,I got similar in either list or aldi last year,November I think. I'll be looking out again, i love mine.

PollysPoppy Tue 16-Aug-16 23:14:57

These Uggs - I got a pair nearly 3 yrs ago and they're still going strong. Sooo comfortable.

Nearlyadoctor Wed 17-Aug-16 00:39:04

Either Ugg or Just Sheepskin, more variety in Just Sheepskin and I think they wear just as well.

LimpidPools Wed 17-Aug-16 00:45:52

I've been wearing moshulu slippers for about 12 years. Im just onto pair number 3. They're not sheepskin, bit they have soles you can wander outside in and they last forever.

I think I'd still be on pair number one if I didn't have a weird habit of pointing my big toes up and through them.

confuugled1 Wed 17-Aug-16 00:59:15

I have a pair of old crocs that are their fitflop equivalent sole. Ridiculously comfy and go indoors and out, if they get grubby you can just rinse them off. And even on cold days, they don't feel cold to wear after the first three seconds putting them on.

Very ugly though!

My current pair are about 8 years old and get worn every day, still don't need to change them. I used to have an old pair of 'pretty' slippers that I managed to slip down the stairs in while I was standing at the top of the stairs. Really scary, really painful. Haven't ever had any similar accidents (touch wood - going to jinx myself now!) wearing crocs. Day after I fell, both my dh and my mum told me they'd read reports in the papers the day before about people injuring themselves badly on the stairs due to slippers confused but not bothered to mention it to me, despite thinking that my slippers looked unsafe...

123rd Wed 17-Aug-16 01:08:13

I can't do a link on my phone. Sorry. But I love PSI slippers. I bought two pairs from shuropody (sp??) and they were fab. Cool scandi design. And a brilliant hard bottom that didn't slip. But u don't think the sell them any moresad I looked on online shopping and can't seem to find the ones I liked

OttoTheOnly Wed 17-Aug-16 03:38:23

Mahabis. The best slippers ever.

You can wear them with the back of the slipper down, so they're slip on, or pull it up so they're more secure on your foot.
They have a hard sole, but also have an additional removable rubber sole for going outside, that attaches with a popper.

I love them - I get cold feet and they keep mine toasty warm.


chough Wed 17-Aug-16 15:53:22

Agree with confuugled about ensuring that slippers are safe: I broke my ankle after slipping over in a stupid, flimsy pair of Joules slippers.
Now have Crocs, or ( don't laugh), a pair from Hotter: yes, some of their styles are "old lady", but mine are a nice moccassin type, and are substantial and comfortable.

jclm Wed 17-Aug-16 16:35:32

crocs are great. i bought mine from ebay for £4 (second hand)! they will last a life time probably. mine have the fleece inserts which are quite warm.

SweepTheHalls Wed 17-Aug-16 17:31:57

I've just bought FitFlop ones, they are exactly what you described smile

JLbaby Wed 17-Aug-16 21:27:15

Thanks all, some great suggestions here, now just need to decide which ones to go for!

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