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Boden tags question

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seven201 Tue 16-Aug-16 14:26:45

I bought a Boden summer dress in the sale about 6 weeks ago. It was a bit adventurous for me and I just haven't ended up wearing it. I kept the packaging and was about to throw that away today but read and see that Boden has a 3 month return policy! The dress has been hung in my wardrobe (I promise I have not worn it) but the thing is I can't remember if it just didn't come with tags on (as barcode on the plastic packaging) or if I removed the tags when I hung it up. Obviously I can't return it if I have removed the tags. I have an awful memory. Anyway, does anyone know if Boden clothes come with tags on? Sorry for giving you far too much info. I'm bored stuck under my 9 week old on the sofa!

ThomasHardyPerennial Tue 16-Aug-16 14:28:01

No they don't come with tags, only little bags with spare buttons (is applicable).

ThomasHardyPerennial Tue 16-Aug-16 14:28:19


seven201 Tue 16-Aug-16 14:52:32

Oh amazing, thank you. I get my £50 back!

herecomesthsun Tue 16-Aug-16 22:42:08

they may ask for returns within 14 days in the sale though - remarkably helpful though they are

hairymuffet Wed 17-Aug-16 00:01:23

You might get a credit note, I've had that on sale items returned late.

seven201 Wed 17-Aug-16 04:29:09

Oh ok. I will read the returns policy again. I'd be happy with a credit note. Thanks both.

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