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Help me spend some money!

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earthyambitions Tue 16-Aug-16 14:16:56

I have some money to play with and would like to sort out my wardrobe but don't really know where to begin! I've tried wandering round the shops but not really seen what I am looking for. So far I've ordered 6 sets of underwear from Bravissimo and bought a new watch! I would like to invest in some good quality clothes that will help me look and feel better and last well.

A bit about me; I'm early 30s and a 12/14. Fitted things tend to be too tight around the bust in a 14 although I wouldn't consider myself particularly huge. My style is pretty relaxed and I think I look best in skinny jeans which I usually wear with relaxed plain t shirts layered up with vest tops and slouchy cardigans. I do like to wear natural materials where I can. I don't tend to go for patterns and I prefer neutral colours but quite like brighter, bolder colours for accessories. I don't wear a loads of jewellery, just a few rings and I have a couple of pairs of nice earrings.

I am thinking my shopping list should be something like;
Underwear - sorted I hope
Boots - considering some petrol blue fly london mes and maybe cherry red doc martens that are a similar style, what do you think?
Good pair of sandles/flip flops
Maybe some grey converse (I have some red already)
Lightweight jacket
Warm winter coat
Good pair of jeans, maybe two - I've seen a pair of Paige ones and a pair of 7 for all mankind ones on house of Fraser website
3 or 4 new long vest tops
A few short sleeved tshirts
A few long sleeved t shirts
A couple of really nice jumpers
Ditto cardigans
A few big scarves to layer up with in the autumn

Can you point me in the direction of what is good and what is rubbish, I'm currently trawling the house of Fraser website, where else should I look? Help!!

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