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Bra interventionists: please tell me where I'm going wrong!

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TitaniasTits Mon 15-Aug-16 18:37:28

Tired of wearing bras that "nearly fit", and conscious that I seem to need a lot more support as I head down the slippery slope towards 40, I took my measurements and headed off in search of the perfect bra.

I measured 35" under the boob, and 42" when leaning forward, so I tried on various styles in sizes 34G, 34GG, 34H, 36F, 36G , 36GG and 36H. Nothing fit!

Most of them left me with "overhang" at the armpit (so attractive!) and if they didn't they gaped at the top and didn't lie flat to my breastbone. The assistant said that was because my breasts are close together - I can fit two fingers between them but not ]three? - and suggested a proper fitting, but as I was in M&S, I declined.

The closest I got was a full cup bra in 36GG, which didn't give me "pit hang" or gape tooooo badly, but didn't sit flat on my breastbone and was very uncomfortable; or a plunge bra in a 36F which sat flat on my breastbone and didn't gape, but did give me a little pit hang and just felt a bit loose.

Is it just that M&S bras are a bit rubbish, or am I getting this all wrong?!

Ok. Not sitting flat on breastbone can be due to being close set but two fingers isn't that close - I'm problematic as there isn't really any gap at all. What is more likely is that for whatever reason the bras you've tried don't have enough fullness in the centre for you. The combo of that and armpit escapage could mean you need a bigger cup, but it also sounds like you need a half cup or balconette.

pestov Mon 15-Aug-16 18:56:24

Do you have a bravissimo nearby? Their fittings are great - I am different sizes depending on the cut of the bra and there's no pressure to buy. I have a fitting every time I go!

Wolpertinger Mon 15-Aug-16 19:06:14

I would say being in M&S with an unhelpful assistant who knew nothing about bra fitting didn't help you.

If you can go to a Bravissimo and be helped by someone with a clue it would be a different experience. I've just checked and I'm one finger only and my beloved R&P fitter has never told me it's a problem, just brought me properly fitting bras.

TitaniasTits Mon 15-Aug-16 19:25:46

I can get to a Bravissimo but it's not exactly near, and I was hoping to avoid it as it's a bit of a mission - especially if I can't get childcare and have to take the kids with me.

fizzicles Mon 15-Aug-16 19:39:49

Get thee to Bravissimo. You won't regret it.

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