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Silly buy earlier in the year, Do I rectify it ?

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Laska5772 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:37:28

So I saw an Emily and Fin dress earlier in the year and ordered it . Love it.., love it
But when it came it was too big . The trouble was it had come from Holland ( this wasnt clear on the website , or else i wouldnt have got it from there )
I sent it back ( ££S!) and they exchanged it but sadly sent me one that was a a size too small.
it was only a little too small , so like a complete fool (and as they didnt have my size in stock any more, and I would have had to pay again for postage to NL ) I kept it.

BUT of course , (you know the story..) , Its still too small. (it wouldnt be if I lost a stone but I know I tend to always go back to this weight whatever)
So its unworn.
I have found one in a sale at the right size .. (still over £50)

What do I do? .. it all seems such a waste of money ..(it was £80 plus the extra postage ) and I dont really reckon ill get much for it on ebay .

Talk to me pleaase

Nearlyadoctor Mon 15-Aug-16 18:45:04

If you love it that much and are sure the one in the sale will fit I'd buy it, cut your losses and get what you can for the one that is too small.

puglife15 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:46:12

Really if they sent you the wrong size they should have paid for the return postage as it was their mistake (or was it not?)

I would sell on eBay and try to get some of the £ back, and to make yourself feel better sell some other bits you don't wear to make it up to £50. That way you've not paid any more than £80 for the dress which you were happy to pay originally.

Have you got a link? I like their dresses...

Laska5772 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:49:37

Yes.. but it was all getting a bit difficult getting any answers from them at all .. and it just didnt look like i'd get a postage refund.

In the end i just kept it.. ( like I said, silly really ..) I should just chalk it up to experience I suppose ..

Floisme Mon 15-Aug-16 19:02:41

Hmm... I was coming on to say, 'If you love it and you can afford it then buy it.' But having just seen your last post about how unresponsive they were last time, I think I'm going to change my mind. Poor customer service really pisses me off and I'm not sure I would want to give them any more of my money.

puglife15 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:04:21

Hang on is the one in sale from the same place? I assumed a different shop?

Laska5772 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:09:28

Different shop.. and UK this time!!
this is it not thinking of getting it from this website , but it has good photos of it

Floisme Mon 15-Aug-16 19:09:50

Ah I think you're right pug. It sounds like a different shop now I've read it again.

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LynetteScavo Mon 15-Aug-16 19:10:52

eBay the be you have and buy the sake one?

Floisme Mon 15-Aug-16 19:13:10

Cross post sorry.

I really like the dress. It reminds me of one my mum used to wear when I was little.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Laska5772 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:18:11

Ok convinced..
Thanks !! grin

maggiethemagpie Mon 15-Aug-16 19:36:00

I bought a lovely dress from white stuff which was not too small when I bought it but after my honeymoon became too small. I did love it, so I got a bigger one in the sale and then sold the old one. I only got a fraction of what I paid (dress was £50, sold it for £10 but it was worn, and bought the other for £40) so I paid £80 overall but I'm happy I did as the dress now fits and I love wearing it.

So if you can afford to take the hit, I say buy the right size dress and sell the old on ebay. If it's really unworn, you can get a fair amount especially if the tag is still on (or put on the tag from the new one ?)

puglife15 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:39:59

What size are you selling?? It's really cute.

Laska5772 Mon 15-Aug-16 19:45:27

Its a 14 (Large in Emily and fin sizes which do come up small sadly ) but not until i have the other one..However i need to confirm they still have the other so I need to call the shop tomorrow !

everythingsgoingsouth Mon 15-Aug-16 20:26:31

not exactly the same....but on sale!

hollieberrie Mon 15-Aug-16 20:59:15

Sell it on eBay. I am always making mistakes like this (usually cheaper stuff but still get annoyed with myself). EBAY is your best bet - post really good photos taken by you and some photos from the store website and also copy and paste the original shop description along with yours. Stress how much it is unworn, perfect condition etc and it will sell well. If it's still got the tags on then even better. People love a recognised brand on eBay - it'll sell well.

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