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Where do you carry your weight?

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GodImbored Mon 15-Aug-16 18:36:53

I have always been slim but put on a bit of weight in the last year. I am trying to lose half a stone as I have started to look really frumpy.

I tend to put weight on around my belly so look a bit thick waisted and pear shaped. Thighs and legs a bit flabby too.

Top half is passable.

It's odd how we are all different. I have a friend with a completely flat stomach and large backside but I think that must be easier to dress.

Where do you carry your weight and do you find it easy to lose from a particular area? eg people always tell me I look ill if I lose weight as it must show on my face.

puglife15 Mon 15-Aug-16 18:49:02

Mine around my stomach. Not too bad if viewed from the front but it sticks out a lot since having my second child 6 months ago and not just the bottom part of it, literally from my ribs downwards. Also got some serious love handle action going on.

My legs from mid thigh down are good and arms are passable. I guess I'm an apple.

oldlaundbooth Mon 15-Aug-16 18:51:59

Inner thighs, belly, arse but not hips.

Upper arms are always chunky, no matter what. I never wear vests/sleeveless things in public, ever.

oldlaundbooth Mon 15-Aug-16 18:52:51

If I wear a mid thigh length skirt and a loose, black, elbow length t-shirt that shows my collarbone I look 3 sizes smaller.

Aoibhe Mon 15-Aug-16 18:54:10

Belly and lower back

Acornantics Mon 15-Aug-16 18:55:40

Thighs and bum, but not waist or belly. Pear-shaped all the way.

QueenArya Mon 15-Aug-16 19:02:02

Stomach and upper arms. I hate it because I look very portly even at a healthy weight.

I have ridiculously narrow hips which doesn't help.

Pear shapes can definitely get away with carrying a bit more weight in my opinion. Jealous

Gingefringe Mon 15-Aug-16 19:13:05

Upper arms, boobs and a roll of fat underneath the back of my bra strap.
It just makes me look really frumpy.

GodImbored Mon 15-Aug-16 19:49:03

Yes it's finding the right clothes for your shape that's tricky. If I wear something loose or boxy I look huge (biggish boobs) and if I wear something tight, it emphasises my belly.

NapQueen Mon 15-Aug-16 19:54:59

I've large upper arms and large calves regardless. Since two dcs came along I've got a proper cake shelf.

Hagothehills Mon 15-Aug-16 19:55:48

In my limbs and hips, especially upper arms and ankles I really loathe my tree trunk cankles they're so ugly. Never my face or collarbones. I'm three stone overweight atm and still have good collarbones and a pointy not double chin.

JamieVardysParty Mon 15-Aug-16 21:27:58

Face and a tyre just below my belly button that also wraps around my hips.

KP86 Mon 15-Aug-16 21:30:50

Upper arms and between belly button and knees, particularly post-baby.

Currently in the middle of losing 30kg, but I know I'll still have bigger than normal belly --> knees when I'm done. No thigh gaps here (even when I was a skinny Minnie size 10 for six weeks at 15yo).

Statelychangers Tue 16-Aug-16 09:18:30

All over - but when very slim my thighs are still on the chunky side.

Thefitfatty Tue 16-Aug-16 09:22:05

Thighs, bum and upper arms.

TyrionLannistersShadow Tue 16-Aug-16 09:23:44

My lower belly, it's been like that no matter what weight I am since my first c section.

Hopefully Tue 16-Aug-16 09:52:12

Saddlebags all the way. I have chunky thighs even when quite slim. I do get the upside of flat stomach/ok-ish arms (unless I get really big, in which case my arms blow up like balloons).

Badgoushk Tue 16-Aug-16 09:53:47

Upper arms and thighs. Unfortunately!

youlittlecharmer Tue 16-Aug-16 12:37:44

I've got a roll right under my boobs that makes me most self conscious, hardly ever wear a bikini. Everywhere else is just generally 'soft'!

AveADayOffWillYa Tue 16-Aug-16 12:49:38

Tummy and boobs.

I'm quite tall and slim, but if I put even half a stone I get a pot belly and enormous tits. Legs, arms, waist all stay slim. Its quite a weird way of gaining weight I think! I'd much rather be one of those people who puts weight on bum/hips/thighs.

blushrush Tue 16-Aug-16 13:34:41

Thighs, bum and waist

I go from a pear to a butternut squash when I put on weight grin

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