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Anyone know Eve Lom cleanser and can recommend a cheaper alternative?

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dudsville Sun 14-Aug-16 19:06:28

I'm sitting here with tight, dry and red skin and remembered once getting this product as a gift but then I never bought it for myself as it is soooo pricey. However, my skin is so uncomfortable I'm thinking about picking up a tub of this tomorrow. I'm almost committed to just upping my skin care routine - I did this with my hair and the improvement is such that I will never turn back. But if you know the product and can recommend a cheaper alternative I'd be curious to try it!

Brillenbar Sun 14-Aug-16 19:37:27

Body shop camomile cleansing butter

Nabootique Sun 14-Aug-16 20:36:27

The Body Shop one is lovely. Boots Botanics also do a cleansing balm that is probably more similar texturally, and even cheaper, but I do prefer the Body Shop one.

dudsville Sun 14-Aug-16 21:04:37

Thanks, I'll have a look at the body shop one.

HairsprayQueen Sun 14-Aug-16 21:27:28

The body shop one is a lot smoother than Eve Lom but smells a million times nicer

crazybutterflylady Sun 14-Aug-16 21:36:57

The body who one is fab, but often sold out 😢
Not sure what price the eve lom is but Emma Hardie (at m&s) is beautiful, as is the elemis version. Both cleansing balms.

crazybutterflylady Sun 14-Aug-16 21:37:11

Gah. Body SHOP!

dudsville Mon 15-Aug-16 07:02:47

The Eve Lom is £55 per 100 ml tub if I remember rightly. I will check out Elemis and Emma Hardie (never heard of that one!). I've also now learned that this is called a cleansing balm so that will also help me in my search. I think I might splash out on the Eve Lom one but while I have it and my skin calms down I will try out the others. Thanks for your input all!

Ifonlyiweretaller Mon 15-Aug-16 08:19:08

ive just bought the Emma Hardie one on recommendation by a skincare specialist at Space NK. It smells gorgeous and cleanses really well. However it's not the cheapest!
Re Body Shop - last time i bought from them (online) i got a 40% discount so it may be worth trying to buy online.

HairsprayQueen Mon 15-Aug-16 15:26:30

Don't pay £55 though op- feel unique has 15% off the 100ml and look fantastic has a limited code for 20% off the 200 ml (making it £75 is for double the amount.)

Those are the sites I just happen to be looking at just now so there might be more offers about that work out better.

dudsville Mon 15-Aug-16 16:53:21

Ooh hairspray, thank you! !!

bingohandjob Mon 15-Aug-16 23:12:04

I've got very sensitive skin and have tried tons of cleansers and nothing comes close to Eve Lom. Over past 5 years I've thought "this looks similar" so tried No.7, Molton Brown, Body Shop, Liz Earle and reacted badly to all of them so note stick with EL. I buy the biggest tub in the Space NK Christmas sale or when they do twenty quid off offers (normally off £60 spend). I don't use the muslin cloth though - get a load of face flannels, more effective I think. I absolutely love EL and it makes my skin feel amazing (and I think look pretty good)..the tube Morning Cleanser is good too, especially if you travel. Cos I use Superdrug moisturiser at bargain £7 I can justify the £ on Eve Lom and a big tub is still going strong since December after at least once a day use!

MyFriendsCallMeOh Tue 16-Aug-16 01:46:58

Neals yard wild rose balm, much nicer smell than eve lom and Liz Earle, much better for sensitive skin (my ultra break out prone skin loves it the best).

onlyconnect Tue 16-Aug-16 08:04:38

I actually prefer the Body Shop camomile one to Eve Lom

curlywillow Tue 16-Aug-16 08:06:42

Emma Hardy has reacted with my skin. No impressed after spending so much and so I'm going back to Eve Lom.

Ifonlyiweretaller Tue 16-Aug-16 08:18:42

Curly - if you bought it from SpaceNK they will take it back and refund you - i did this recently with some eye makeup that I reacted to - wasnt sure which of the 3 products caused the problem so they refunded them all. (and it was nearly 2 months later when i went back, although i had kept the receipt).

Catisagit Tue 16-Aug-16 08:34:55

Boots no 7 cleansing balm, for dry skin this

Is really good. And cheap in comparison. I use it with a face cloth. Sensitive skin.

Hadron21 Tue 16-Aug-16 08:40:22

Eve Lom contains a lot of mineral oil. It's a very expensive product full of cheap ingredients. Try Emma Hardie (m&s will refund if you react to it), Elemis (QVC) or Clinique Balm.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 16-Aug-16 08:42:22

Chamomile cleansing balm is great.

PootlewasthebestFlump Sun 21-Aug-16 22:01:44

Didn't Dr Spiezia invent Eve Lom?

I love the Spiezia cleansing balm and the NYR rose balm.

My friend uses Elemis and raves about it but it's scarily expensive.

dudsville Sat 15-Oct-16 11:29:42

I just came on to look for the date when I bought the small tub of eve lom cleanser. It was 2 months to the day and I'm only half way through the tub and it gets two uses a day. I don't feel bad now about the cost. Happy to spent that on my skin!

TimTamTerrier Sat 15-Oct-16 11:35:14

Glad it's working for you. I came on the thread to say that I tried it and had a terrible allergic reaction to it, but clearly that hasn't been an issue for you.

bingohandjob Sat 15-Oct-16 18:03:11

Not much help but a tip...I swear by Eve Lom. I've tried TONS of others, don't come close. I buy the biggest tub every year and it lasts me all year. I've learnt you need the tiniest amount, it goes really far. I use a proper flannel with it, not the cloth it comes with. I get it in the SpaceNK sale or on the Eve Lom site itself...they seem to always have it half price so I stock up as a Christmas day treat to myself.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Sat 15-Oct-16 18:09:53

Coconut oil , i dont like eve lom i think its a bit overrated , i do like liz earle hot cloth cleanser though

dudsville Sat 15-Oct-16 21:32:05

Ooh,I'll look out for the sale and get a big tub bingo, thanks! Tim tam, not all products suit everyone, and this was an expensive trial for you, I've been there and you have my sympathies!

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