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New job - how many items in capsule wardrobe?

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SheHasAWildHeart Sun 14-Aug-16 18:06:47

Starting a new role soon, managerial level. Moping shopping tomorrow and want to put together a capsule wardrobe that would be ok for a full time job. Am thinking:
Three trousers
Six tops
Two cardigans
One high heel shoes
Two flats
I have a couple of smart jackets. I don't wear skirts/dresses unless they're full length or with leggings so don't think that would be appropriate for new workplace. Does that list sound ok?

OnePlanOnHouzz Sun 14-Aug-16 18:25:04

Sounds fab ! I've seen some lovely navy and caramel combinations that can interchange with black and caramel or grey and caramel or grey and blue or grey and black ! So all interchangeable !! Can't go wrong with cashmere jumpers in my opinion... Smart and soft !! Have fun shopping ! smile

Oh2beatsea Sun 14-Aug-16 19:14:54

Lots of fab ideas on Pinterest!!! Good luck with the new job 😊

SheHasAWildHeart Sun 14-Aug-16 19:32:07

That's in thinking white, black, navy and grey. Got an appointment at JL tomorrow so hopefully they'll give me a better idea. But every job I start with good intentions and then before I know it my outfits become more casual!

SheHasAWildHeart Sun 14-Aug-16 19:32:54

Cashmere cardigans yes! I did start a Pinterest board, think I need to revisit it.

Itscurtainsforyou Sun 14-Aug-16 20:33:18

Sounds great smile

I'm planning on brown/tan, charcoal navy & white
Currently have:

Charcoal dress

2x navy dresses
Navy blazer

Brown trousers
Brown blazer

3 white shirts
2 brown tops

I need to get some navy trousers, a brown dress and some charcoal trousers, then I'm done.

SheHasAWildHeart Wed 17-Aug-16 20:17:23

Well with the help of the personal shopper I discovered that John Lewis is not for me! Everything made me look pregnant with a Kim kardashian bum, even though I'm a size 10/12. So I'm just going to put together a capsule wardrobe myself with the help of Pinterest!

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