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Best good coverage foundation?

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annielostit Sun 14-Aug-16 08:48:18

Just that really.
I use clinique even better but it doesn't offer coverage for red scar from acne.
What's your recommendations please.

Fairylea Sun 14-Aug-16 08:51:02

Estée Lauder double wear is the gold standard of coverage.

Clinique stay matte
Rimmel stay matte
No 7 oil free
Benefit concealer is pretty good too - can't remember the same of the particular one but worth trying them
Mac studio fix foundation

Generally foundations with good coverage tend to be oil free for sticking power. If you are trying to cover something red go for something with a yellow undertone.

If you are not already using one I'd suggest a colour correcting primer on the scarring first - if they're red you probably want a green toned one. It means the foundation will cover more easily.

My favourite good coverage day to day foundation is Lancome tient idole 24h. It's very build able so you can easily add more just over the scarring

DoitotmeSheldon Sun 14-Aug-16 08:56:33

Hiya, I'm on here for the same advice, sorry no help to you Annie I'm peri menopausal and have a really uneven, blotchy skin tone and it's gone really oily too

LadyLapsang Sun 14-Aug-16 09:15:00

Hi OP,

How old are you, what is your skin like apart from the scar and what type of finish do you want?

I would recommend having makeovers at good stores e.g. Bobbi Brown, Space NK and getting a sample of likely foundations to try before you buy. Bobbi Brown website has a good guide on coverage etc. and I think they still take returns if you buy the wrong shade but I would say you are better having a makeover - you will pick up some new tricks and get to try new products. If you can get to the BB stores the makeovers are free - you need to book.

BleakBetty Sun 14-Aug-16 09:21:14

I love Revlon Colorstay. High coverage, about £12 and you can choose from a formula for dry skin and one for combination/oily skin.

I find it much better than some of the higher-end options in terms of coverage, and it really does last all day.

DrPixiePants Sun 14-Aug-16 09:26:03

I use revlon colour stay for oily skin. I also use revlon photo box primer or benefit but I think for the price there's not much in it.
For my make up to stay on all day I blot with nyx blotting papers and also use nyx matte fixing spray.

It's took years of using every high end product there is and I found that what makes the most difference to me is the face wash I use. Who would have thought. smile

absolutelynotfabulous Sun 14-Aug-16 09:27:58

I'm liking Vichy Dermablend atm. Bit pricey; I'll probably go for something cheaper once it's done.

Doittomesheldon you might want to look in to acid toning, it's made a massive difference to my spotty oily skin. I use both salicylic and glycolic - not at the same time - and I'm now far less oily and spotty. The salicylic helps hugely with that, and the glycolic is helping to get rid of the marks and general uneven skin. I also use a vitamin c and hyaluronic serum which is also helping, as is retinol.

DrPixiePants Sun 14-Aug-16 09:56:56

I second vitamin c. I use vitamin c toner and serum!

Mollbie Sun 14-Aug-16 10:06:58

Maybelline matt mousse. After years of trial and error I swear by it. Very good value too..... wink

annielostit Sun 14-Aug-16 18:20:15

Thanks ladies.
My cheeks are dry but get oily chin area.
I'm just coming up 50, doit,probably similar age.
Which products dou you recommend statis,
I'm going to have a department store day in the

Canters15 Sun 14-Aug-16 18:55:04

I'm loving Charlotte tilbury magic foundation at the moment. Covers beautifully and lasts all day.

For a cheap, easy to get intro to acids then look at the Clearasil ultra rapid action or 5 in 1 pads (for salicylic acid), or the nip and fab glycolic fix pads. If you find you like the effect then you can move on to higher strength/better quality products - Pixi Glow tonic is a poplar everyday glycolic treatment, and I like Paula's choice for salicylic and for their weekly overnight glycolic peel.

Cleansing wise, I tend to use a mix of things but I've recently started using the Liz Earle hot cloth and it seems to agree with my skin. I also use Clinique take the day off balm first if I've had heavy-ish make up on.

Serums, I have a few but I'm currently tending most towards either this vit c one from Amazon or a bare minerals firming one which I picked up in TK Maxx! I also got a lovely Strivectin night retinol treatment in there which is use most evenings.

I also sometimes use a face oil at night, Clarins lotus oil is ok but I got the last M&S beauty box which had some Nuxe Huile Prodigeous in it which seems to work for me.

I'm not that picky about moisturiser!

My current routine - which has cleared and balanced my skin but which I'm sure will break some skincare rule or other - is something like this:

-Wash face with either Ren cleanser or Liz Earle, maybe once a week I use the Liz Earle exfoliator instead.
-Acid Tone with salicylic, either clearasil or Paula's choice depending on laziness!
-if my skin is feeling a bit dry I also give it a spray with La Roche Posey Serozinc
-apply serum - Bare Minerals mostly but I have a few others floating around too
-moisturise - if I don't want SPF (yes, criminal I know) I use the Liz Earle one for combi skin. If I do want SPF I'm currently using Bobbi Brown CC Cream
-then make up - I use a primer if I need my makeup to last well, but I don't get on with the ones with lots of silicon in them, they just don't do anything. Paula's choice do a mattifying lotion which is nice, and I also have Hourglass Mineral Veil on the go (pricey, but I bought it for a special occasion)

-Remove make up - Clinique take the day off
-Cleanse - Liz Earle hot cloth
-toner - Glycolic of some variety, either nip fab pads, pixi glow or once a week Paula's Choice
-Serum - vit C one
-Mostly I don't use moisturiser after the retinol as the one I have is quite moisturising anyway.
-pat on a little face oil

-Mario Badescu drying lotion - I apply this at night the second I see the hint of a spot even thinking about forming.
-Lush Rosy Cheeks face mask - lovely and calming

<Yes, I have a lot of skincare...don't ask about the make up collection!>

PollyPerky Sun 14-Aug-16 21:13:01

OP I second the trip to the B Brown counter, but I love Dior Star foundation better than any BB .
Don't forget that you can't expect a foundation to do everything- you might be better off with a medium coverage then use concealer to cover scars. Depends how bad they are.

I'll also confess to something the make up counters all tell you not to do - when I've had really bad patches or spots then I conceal them before I put my foundation on. Normally you're advised to conceal afterwards but I can never get one that's a 100% match and so if I have something bad to cover (like my whole face grin) then it sometimes doesn't work.

If I'm pre-concealing then I'll do some sort of colour corrector (e.g. green to cover red), then use quite a solid concealer like Benefit Boiing or the NYX one in a little pot - both applied with a small brush. Leave it to dry then apply foundation. I normally use a buffing brush or silk finish dome brush (from Zoeva) but that tends to lift the concealer so if if you've concealed first then either a damp beauty blender (and a light touch) or a stippling brush will let you layer the foundation over the top. Gives a much more even finish if you've got lots to cover IME.

Not necessary for wee blemishes but you'll know yourself the ones that just shine out from under your foundation!

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