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Bikini blah

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CustardLover Sat 13-Aug-16 20:42:29

I have just realised that all the bikinis I own are at least ten years old, so pre-date my children and are from my size 6-8 youth. I am no longer in this youth and have actually not got any idea what to look for in swimwear. When I was young, skinny and skint I just bought whatever was cheapest in H&M or New Look or something and it didn't really matter. I'd quite like something in my late thirties, a stone, alright two stone (which is mainly on my mega bum, hips and thighs sadly - still little mini-boobs) and multiple pregnancies later, to be classy, well fitting, flattering but not frumpy.

I'd love to to hear suggestions, brands, tips where to look. I think bikini as that's what I'm used to and with a still reasonably smallish waist I think it's the most flattering swimwear, but I do see others with chic one-pieces too (and actually, given the active offspring, that might be the most practical choice anyway) so please throw your recommendations over here!

CustardLover Sun 14-Aug-16 14:50:31

Bumping just in case there are any swimwear gurus out there with tips to share - where have you bought flattering, grown-up, non-frumpy swimwear please?

monkeywithacowface Sun 14-Aug-16 14:55:47

I buy mine from ASOS as they do the bikini tops in bra sizes so you can buy seperates for a perfect fit.

Darthvadersmuuuum Sun 14-Aug-16 14:57:11

Have you looked on Asos? Order a few different styles you like the look of at different price points, keep the one(s) you like and return the rest. Melissa Obadash is very chic but I'm quivering at the prices, myself.

DerelictMyBalls Sun 14-Aug-16 15:22:21

I love the Freya range (from Figleaves) as I have big breasts and you can buy the tops in cup sizes. I always go for strapless as I hate getting strappy tan lines. Have a look at the Floozie range in Debenhams - I bought a fab pair of frilly-skirted bottoms in the sale for only £4! Have a great holiday x

OverAndAbove Sun 14-Aug-16 15:47:18

Have a look at the sales in John Lewis or House of Fraser as the good brands are often reduced around this time. I like Sea Folly, Freya and Lepel, which all have structure and are well-cut

BigGreenOlives Sun 14-Aug-16 15:49:06

I just bought one from The Outnet - 50% off so 'reduced' to £40. Try looking on their website & see what they have.

elQuintoConyo Sun 14-Aug-16 15:53:33

Decathlon. They do bra sizes and separate bottoms. My super-comfy bikini was €3.99 per piece grin

I wanted bottoms big enough to not necessitate a brazilian/hollwood but small enough across the bum to not accentuate it mor small enough to disappear all the frigging time. The straps come off easily to avoid strapmarks.

If nothing falls off with even the splashiest of waves, or while you're sprinting across the beach after your umbrella on abreezey day, then it's a winner!

janknitti Sun 14-Aug-16 16:44:59

My tip (which I read on here) is to buy bottoms with tie sides so you never get the appearance of your bikini being too tight.

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