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Jewellery - a classic piece to wear and keep

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Rollerbird Fri 12-Aug-16 22:10:10

My mum died earlier this year . she had a theft of jewellery from the house by carers. It was a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring my dad bought her in the 1980s and a heavy gold charm bracelet she'd had since she was 18. ( she died aged 90). The insurance sent a letter today saying we can pick jewellery to a specific (large) value. I was hoping for some ideas for some thing I can wear, is a classic and won't date horribly, and preferably might even be an investment for my own children. Any suggestions?

Mouthfulofquiz Fri 12-Aug-16 22:25:13

Why don't you look for a sapphire and diamond ring to kind of replace it? There are some beautiful rings about. I saw a lovely three stone sapphire and diamond platinum ring in Tiffany (similar designs could be bought elsewhere for half the price I'm sure!)
I'm sorry your mum's jewellery was taken - that's really awful flowers

Mouthfulofquiz Fri 12-Aug-16 22:26:30

Without delving too much - could you give a rough idea of what you hope to spend? (A price bracket?) I spend a lot of time looking at jewellery so might have further ideas.

Rollerbird Fri 12-Aug-16 22:45:59

Its £5300 I was shocked!
I like art deco things and that seems pretty classic.
Or a watch? Possibly harder to still be wearable over time?

Rollerbird Fri 12-Aug-16 22:48:52

Realise that amount isn't huge in terms of the beautiful jewellery world.. But it's a LOT more than I would ever anticipate spending on such a thing!

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Fri 12-Aug-16 23:11:15

That's a pretty healthy budget, especially if you are looking at vintage/second hand jewellery (which if you like Art Deco- I strongly suggest that you do!)

Metal prices are far higher now than they were meaning that the cost for brand new bullion is expensive. If a jeweller has bought something 2nd hand then it's usually bought closer to the scrap price than the retail price which means they can sell it cheaper/ have more wiggle room price wise etc.

I wear a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring that was an Edwardian pin originally. I had it put into a platinum setting and it's now a sturdy (and beautiful) ring.

Definitely shop about, try some different rings on- see what suits your hand. If you find one for a good price you might be able to get a couple of good pieces.

Most importantly- enjoy the process. Don't feel like you need to rush in and buy anything just for the sake of it.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Fri 12-Aug-16 23:12:59

Also, I'm not sure if your insurance specified a place that you have to spend the money at. Don't feel bound by it- often they can transfer it to other jewellers who work with insurance companies. They don't like to, but they can!

Rollerbird Fri 12-Aug-16 23:21:13

Got a letter from a valuation company saying that they'd been authorised to allow a spend of that amount and to contact them when a decision had been made I think.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Fri 12-Aug-16 23:35:57

Amazing! Free reign to do as you please. Go have some fun, take a friend- try on some rings, ignore sales patter. Get some recommendations for local jewellers- not big chains, you'll get a better buy out of an independent.

Also, feel free to take some pics and get some opinions on here if you get stuck!

Rollerbird Fri 12-Aug-16 23:43:19

I will!
I'll ring them to see if there's any limitations in where to go or timescales.
I'm scared actually of knowing if something's fake\ overpriced etc.

hollyisalovelyname Fri 12-Aug-16 23:43:34

Jewellery auctions can be a real treasure trove.
Try o'rellys

hollyisalovelyname Fri 12-Aug-16 23:44:01

Jewellery auctions can be a real treasure trove.
Try o'rellys

hollyisalovelyname Fri 12-Aug-16 23:50:45

flightywoman Fri 12-Aug-16 23:55:43

I think I'd be tempted by diamond earrings. Nice ones that would go with everything.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Sat 13-Aug-16 01:07:03

Go with your gut OP. Doing a lot of comparison will tell you what is a good buy and what isn't.

You could read into stone qualities etc but realistically you will be able to tell a nice sapphire (for example) from a not great one just by looking at them. Ditto diamonds, don't get wound up with weights etc- if it looks nice, has good clarity and is a good white/clear colour depending on the cut- you know it must be decent.

18k gold and platinum are more or less interchangeable in price at the moment so if you're going for white metal- I'd push for platinum if you have the choice.

I'm so jealous. Make a good day or two of it :p

Rollerbird Sat 13-Aug-16 07:09:17

Had a quick look online and thinking about going to look in the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. Its got shops with older jewellery and we can go for a couple of days. (Excited now)

SimplyNigella Sat 13-Aug-16 07:24:59

The Jewellery Quarter is fab, we bought both of our wedding rings and engagement rings from there. The stone from engagement ring was on a tiny, Victorian engagement ring which hardly fitted on my little finger so the jeweller reset it on a new band and added some extra stones. The jewellers there are fab and will work with you to find or create a piece you love.

Mouthfulofquiz Sat 13-Aug-16 08:58:15

Diamond earrings are always a good idea as a previous poster said! That's a great budget and you'll get something amazing with that!
A nice ring and earrings probably!

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