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I'm boiling in my fluffy dressing gown

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Goingtobeawesome Fri 12-Aug-16 20:49:30

Is there such a thing as a summer one? blush

Menopausal hot flushes are not helping..

You can get the satin dressing gowns

Goingtobeawesome Fri 12-Aug-16 20:54:11

I think I'd prefer cotton. Thanks though, I'll see what I can find. Anything slippy won't work for me.

Purplerunner Fri 12-Aug-16 20:54:28

Satin would not work with hot flushes imo.

I've got a lightweight cotton one I got a few years ago in BHS. Don't know where you would get one now it has gone. M&S maybe?

gettingtherequickly Fri 12-Aug-16 20:54:37

Get a waffle one, perfect in this weather.

EnquiringMingeWantsToKnow Fri 12-Aug-16 20:56:09

The phrase you're looking for is "waffle cotton". Loads around.

Goingtobeawesome Fri 12-Aug-16 20:56:11

M&S have waffle ones. I think I'll go shopping tomorrow. There's loads on the website. Thank you.

MsWorthington Fri 12-Aug-16 20:56:47

I don't own one but I've always liked the look of waffle cotton dressing gowns.

MsWorthington Fri 12-Aug-16 20:57:10

Cross post

BennyTheBall Fri 12-Aug-16 20:58:24

I have got a couple of cotton 'waffle' type ones from M&S .

Perfect for summer.

BennyTheBall Fri 12-Aug-16 20:58:47

Another cross post!

pearlylum Fri 12-Aug-16 20:59:06

Yes for a cotton waffle. Nice and cool. Hate the satin ones.

TellMeSomethingNew Fri 12-Aug-16 20:59:58

I want a waffle one too. I feel like if you have a waffle one, you have your shit together.


catlouboo Fri 12-Aug-16 21:01:14

Try primark for a white shortish waffle one.

phoenix1973 Fri 12-Aug-16 21:01:27

I just wear nothing. I sweat in my fluffy dg too.

MistyMeena Fri 12-Aug-16 21:02:27

Primark is your friend! I bought a waffle one and a really light cotton one in there.

PrettyBotanicals Fri 12-Aug-16 21:03:06

Silk are lovely in this weather, there are beautiful vintage kimono styles or try TK Maxx for stunning floral printed light cotton.

OverAndAbove Fri 12-Aug-16 21:04:51

Ooh I have a lovely light cotton one which is crisp and white and not waffly and feels nice and cool - it's a Calvin Klein one and at least ten years old and I'm dreading it wearing out...

FreeButtonBee Fri 12-Aug-16 21:07:07

I have a lovely one from caro great cotton patterned kimono style robes. They have nice big pockets and a belt and enough fabric and length to cover your modesty. I have 3 under 4 and its practical but properly nice. And washes brilliantly if someone pukes/gets porridge on it.

Whosthemummy16 Fri 12-Aug-16 21:07:36

Primark and Asda.
I got thin cotton dressing gowns from there, to take to hospital when I had DD. I have a nice silk one too (debenhams clearance) feels very glam but not great if hot and sticky. I am always too hot and even the thought of a fluffy dressing gown makes me sweat!

Goingtobeawesome Fri 12-Aug-16 21:19:28

I'm going to m and s tomorrow and I'm buying a waffle dressing gown with hearts on unless I remember I'm 44 and buy the plain blue one and some black loafers or maybe the silver ones.

woodhill Fri 12-Aug-16 21:27:52

I have a cotton short one bought from BHS years' ago.

officerhinrika Fri 12-Aug-16 21:37:25

Lands end do a good one in Pima cotton jersey. They had a lilac one in the sale for 20 quid not long ago. I've had one for a few years, useful got hospital stays & visits to parents volcanically hot house, they do last.

crossparsley Fri 12-Aug-16 22:20:59

I spend summer in a men's cotton one, not waffled, just plain cotton like a shirt. No idea why women's ones aren't generally available. Like the lovely-looking men's cotton pyjamas - we are made of the same stuff, why can't we buy those on the high street?

notagiraffe Fri 12-Aug-16 22:25:14

Thin cotton kimono or silk dressing gown.

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