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Classic but modern style - help!

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PinkMarkerPen Fri 12-Aug-16 18:56:07

I am in the process of losing weight and am fantasising of a new wardrobe.

I am 5'9" and on my way to get to size 14.

I need some inspiration for non-bank breaking, stylish clothing labels. Whilst fat i have bought most of my clothes from supermarkets - not knocking them, have had some lovely clothes but just means that my clothes shop reference points are really just M&S/ Next/ John Lewis.... I'd like to find some nice brands I haven't seen before.

For example, like Oliver Bonas style, Mint Velvet, Zara (although quite unforgiving if you have hips) etc.... I like simple lines, classic style.... But would quite like to still feel my young ish 37 years

Would love suggestions of nice brands/ interesting people to follow on Pinterest (am obsessed with Remus Lupin's board)/ general looks to explore.

Thank you!!

Floisme Fri 12-Aug-16 19:09:30

My style sounds a bit similar and I really like Whistles at the moment. They're ££ and, in all honesty, the quality isn't worth it but I like the way their clothes are cut. They hang really nicely on me and I think they do that laid back cool thing very well. I only buy in the sales mind you and I use the Grazia offer twice a year.

I've also found similar things in H&M although that's far more random and you have to rummage and call in lots.

PinkMarkerPen Sat 13-Aug-16 08:23:33

I do like H&M it's just I think the quality is so variable. Also the sizing is so horrible smile

Will have a look at whistles

Laquila Sat 13-Aug-16 12:04:23

Ooh what Remus' Pinterest board called?

I am a similar size (12-14, 5ft7ish) and have a similar style to you, I think. Whilst I like the Whistles' aesthetic, it doesn't always look very good on me - I think my books are too big (34F). I buy most of my stuff at Gap, Next, H&M and Fat Face BUT with the caveat that I don't buy the stuff that looks like it's from those places, IYSWIM (you need to be particularly careful with Fat Face!) I try to keep an eye out for stuff that looks more expensive than it is and stick to greys, navy, cream and other neutrals, with a bit of yellow, orange or pink thrown in very occasionally. Ooh I'm a rebel!

You might want to have a look at Uniqlo, Cos, John Lewis Kin and M&S Autograph.

burnishedsilver Sat 13-Aug-16 14:03:43

Warehouse are quite good at the moment.

Floisme Sat 13-Aug-16 14:50:22

Agree about Autograph - very underrated I think. And Kin, Uniqlo and, if you live near a branch, Cos (I don't and I can't get past the website)

If you're careful there's some decent stuff in Boden.

Pure Collection are further towards the classic end of the spectrum but I've had some good things. If you register on the website, there's usually an offer going on.

And very ocasionally All Saints. They're very up themselves and the prices are a joke but sometimes worth a look in the sales.

PinkMarkerPen Sat 13-Aug-16 20:20:19

If you search for Remus Lupin the poster you'll find her. I am often conscious of repinning her pins as she'll think I'm stalking her I so am

PinkMarkerPen Sat 13-Aug-16 20:22:10

I love kin and cos but wonder if it's a bit too edgy, cos especially.

I have a pair of autograph Jeans I am almost slim enough to get back into. I loved them!

Hello! I only wished I looked a quarter as stylish irl!

Pink - who are you on Pinterest?

Generally, all I do is wear mostly black or grey and stick a biker on top whenever the weather permits.

I get a lot of stuff (v carefully chosen) in M&S and a lot of stuff in charity shops. I do like some bits in MV, but I refuse to pay their prices, especially for polyester.

Yes to Whistles sales and to Autograph (although again, there's a lot of polyester, and a lot of it is too long for me).

Believeitornot Sat 13-Aug-16 20:56:41

Pinterest is your friend

I hit my early thirties and decided I wanted to achieve a more classical, smart look (at work at least!). Used Pinterest and bought some clothes and went from there. I buy from all sorts of places- Zara, HM, boden, baukjen, M&S etc.

I have a couple of rules (avoid patterns and black etc) and I get so many compliments now.

PinkMarkerPen Sat 13-Aug-16 21:15:53

Have been reading up on capsule wardrobes and, although a true capsule wardrobes seems a little extreme, I like the idea of thinking about key styles and pieces and building a wardrobe around that

I remember seeing something about capsule wardrobes on Oprah in the early 90s (I was only early teens) and thinking it was both amazingly brilliant to take the hassle out of dressing and kid of horrified by the kind of automaton dullness...

Cellardoor23 Sat 13-Aug-16 21:43:36

I have wasted so much money on clothes before discovering a capsule wardrobe. It's very effective. Sometimes I feel that it's a tad boring but whenever I try and buy something 'trendy' that I don't usually wear it ends up just sitting in my wardrobe. I tend to dress it up with a seasonal piece like a scarf. I have a few different types which work quite well.

Laquila Sat 13-Aug-16 21:45:00

I can spend ages on Pinterest faffing about looking at capsule wardrobes. (I also love holiday capsule wardrobes, even for a wet weekend in Wales.)

I wear very little black and consequently always feel a bit weird now if I do wear it - like I've forgotten it exists! I do have a black biker, actually, but having got it out last week it's looking a bit frumpier than it did three years ago - does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a new version? All Saints is sooo expensive! Mint Velvet ones are often too short.

PinkMarkerPen Sat 13-Aug-16 21:54:08

Cellar how many pieces are in your capsule? Can you give us a fun down if what's in it?

Cellardoor23 Sat 13-Aug-16 22:38:43

At the moment my 'signature' look is long sleeved Scoop tops. I have about 4 in total. One white shirt and one light blue shirt. I have 3 cashmere jumpers. And about 3 pairs of skinny jeans, one in black, one in indigo and one in light blue. One pair of dress trousers. All my tops are plain solid colours (apart from one Breton top) for example I love navy and white so I tend to stick to them as I can accessorise quite easy with it. I love accessorising with scarfs. I have 3 tartan, a pashmina and a silk Hermes scarf.

I don't wear dresses or skirts so it's a bit more challenging for me! I hate clutter as well so having a minimal wardrobe helps a lot!

NeonPinkNails Sun 14-Aug-16 08:43:48

I think a genuine capsule wardrobe can be quite limiting but I've definitely tried to buy less but better in recent years and to only buy things that go with each other/what I already have. This makes choosing an outfit sooo much easier.

I like a lot of the brands already mentioned and also get a lot from TK Maxx although it's very hit and miss - you can't go in looking for a particular item as you'll never find it! But if you're just browsing you often find some real gems.

Other than that I buy in the sales or with offers from the more expensive brands (eg MV, Hush - the quality doesn't always match the price so I refuse to pay more) and I get lots of basics from places like H&M - choose carefully and ignore the very fashiony stuff. I try to emulate the look of the shops I like but on my much smaller budget.

Decent bag/jacket/boots or whatever can really lift and make an outfit (again TK Maxx or sales for me) and spending half your life on Pinterest definitely helps smile

Gillybobs Sun 14-Aug-16 09:43:01

Have a look a Great Plains and Banana Republic. And definitely don't discount Boden as some of their plainer pieces would probably fit the bill perfectly. Also Massimo Dutti great for modern classics

Sun16 Sun 14-Aug-16 09:56:02

I 100% recommend capsule dressing. Check out Unfancy. What she does is build a wardrobe of 37 pieces for each season, so you get to rotate according to the weather. It has blown my mind and changed the way I buy and dress. It does take a lot of trendiness out but you can still look good and more effortless. Warning: Unfancy (the blogger) is thin and gorgeous and my wardrobe looks nothing like hers (am short and live in a much colder country) but the principle really resonates with me.

Cellardoor23 Sun 14-Aug-16 11:31:16

I think one of the main ideas of a capsule wardrobe is quality over quantity. And not to buy things just because they were in the sale! I've made that mistake a few times. Pick key pieces that suit your shape and lifestyle and you can always accessorise around it.

Floisme Sun 14-Aug-16 11:39:52

I don't think I could ever get on with a capsule wardrobe. Partly because I get bored with my clothes but also because your shape, colouring and lifestyle change over time. Isn't it hard to experiment and make changes with so few pieces?

Rachcakes Sun 14-Aug-16 11:44:01

I was surprised by Wallis recently. I always thought I was too young for there but I found a few things that were nice.
I also like Phase Eight - bought a fab black jumpsuit from there last week, that is beautifully cut.

I really like Unfancy.

I don't do a capsule wardrobe, but I do find myself dressing in a bit of a uniform, or several uniforms.

For casual, this generally means black or blue skinnies, Converse, ankle boots or sandals according to the weather, and a top which is generally black, white or grey. Add a cotton cardigan, denim jacket, jersey jacket, biker or parka according to the weather. This can turn into evening wear by having heeled sandals or boots, and the top in a silkier fabric, or with a bit of detailing. Sometimes the skinny jeans are replaced with a tube skirt, with or without tights.

For work, generally a jersey dress or pencil/tube skirt, plain top, jacket.

Another look that I wear a lot is a plain fitted-ish top with a full midi-ish skirt.

What I like doing is sorting out my wardrobe every couple of months. I'm pretty ruthless about culling, but I also move things around and wear a 'cluster' of items for a few weeks. So, for the first few weeks of Autumn this year, it might look a bit like this for casual:
Jeans - 2 black, 2 blue (one light wash, one mid wash)
Tops - grey (several), white, black (several), burgundy, pink
Jumpers - black cotton, black cashmere, black turtleneck, grey lacy knit
Cardigans - black, grey
Skirts - midi tube, mini tube, printed full skirt x 2
Shoes - 2 Converse (black, red), boots (flat black, flat red, heeled black, heeled grey)
Coats - grey fabric biker, black biker, grey biker, parka
Scarves - lots!

Cellardoor23 Sun 14-Aug-16 11:58:42

I don't think a capsule wardrobe is for everyone. I think most people who have it change it depending on the season and anything you don't need just store away somewhere else. I like plain block colours because they go with most things and I don't really need to think about whether they will go with a particular pair of trousers. Everything kind of goes with everything if that makes sense lol

Cellardoor23 Sun 14-Aug-16 12:07:23

It works for me because I'm a little pressed for time looking after DC I don't have time to faff about looking for outfits in my wardrobe. I can pick out any top and any trouser and know they will go together without really having to think about it.

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