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How much foundation do you put on?

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Youvegottobekidding Fri 12-Aug-16 12:02:33

Ok, so these are the foundations I have tried before & are using - Loreal Infallible, Rimmel Lasting Finish 24hr, Rimmel True Match, Max Factor Elixir, Revlon Colourstay & a couple from the Collection 2000 range. I moisturise 5-10 minutes before applying with my finger tips & I'd say I use about 2 pea sized amount. I use Collection 2000 loose powder to set in transulent which I like as it doesn't leave an orangey tinge. That or a No 17 face powder. By lunch time it looks like I have no make up on!!! Doesn't matter which foundation I use, it's gone by lunchtime! Am I using enough because when I apply I certainly seem to have enough to cover my face.

I'm 43, so I can't be trowelling it on, as I think that will make me look older? Do I need to look for a different foundation? I not on a position to be spending £££!!

What do we think ladies? My skin is fair, freckly & normal - dry.

I've tried to use a foundation brush before but I couldn't get on with it.

Getit Fri 12-Aug-16 12:12:18

Do you put primer on first?

trinitybleu Fri 12-Aug-16 12:19:01

Primer first definitely - made a huge difference to me. Mine has a dropper and I use 8 drops, but I have a moon face and others can use 5-6 and get the same coverage. Also set with translucent powder. Lasts all day (with concealer round my nose where I need extra).

BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 12-Aug-16 12:19:41

I wear foundation and then put powder over it. However much it takes to hide my face I use Rimmel London. I dab, not wipe or rub, the foundation on and then brush the powder on.

BeingATwatItsABingThing Fri 12-Aug-16 12:20:35

I'm also pale and slightly freckly, by the way.

Cellardoor23 Fri 12-Aug-16 12:28:48

Have you tried BB cream? I have Seventeen blemish BB balm and I love the stuff. I'm pale as well and I hate actual foundation as I just look caked.

Mouthfulofquiz Fri 12-Aug-16 12:29:25

I have freckly skin too and find that I can only wear very light tinted moisturiser which I mix with some factor 40 face cream. Anything heavier than that covers the freckles and makes me look weird! If your skin is freckly and a bit dry then you probably don't have blemishes (spots) to cover up really.

WitchyPoos Fri 12-Aug-16 12:31:55

I have a setting spray over make up. I have 2, the NYX matte one and maybelline 24 hr one. Both a good and keep foundation and eyeliner in place all day

veryproudvolleyballmum Fri 12-Aug-16 12:32:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

veryproudvolleyballmum Fri 12-Aug-16 12:33:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VioletBam Fri 12-Aug-16 12:35:02

I am also 43 and I don't wear foundation any more because of how ageing it is. I wear primer, then do very careful concealing with Kryolan which is excellent for hiding red's very, very highly pigmented...but there are loads of colours so you can get a PERFECT match.

Then I use the tinyest bit of blusher, some nude eyeshadow and mascara...quite a lot of mascara!

mumbathing Fri 12-Aug-16 12:57:47

I use two pumps of Mac foundation and it lasts all day. Then a touch of blusher, lipstick and mascara and sometimes a translucent power to set it. I don't use primer or moisturise in the morning

Youvegottobekidding Fri 12-Aug-16 13:03:44

Thanks ladies - it looks like a trip to Boots may be in order later - I don't use a primer - yet!

I found this on the Boots website, it has very good reviews & is on offer

Setting sounds interesting, I wonder how many points i have on my Boots card.....😉

Cheesymonster Fri 12-Aug-16 13:15:24

I have just discovered setting spray and it has really made a difference to my makeup lasting.

LittleOyster Fri 12-Aug-16 13:38:06

I'm another one who uses two pea-sized squirts (No 7 Stay Perfect, currently). Then I set with Rimmel Stay Matte translucent pressed powder. Recently I have been experimenting with using a beauty blender to press the foundation and powder into the skin, which seems to be making it last a little bit better than usual. I'm really interested to hear about the setting sprays. Might start another thread to get some recommendations.

I think veryproudvolleyballmum has the right idea - it's best to layer up lots of thin layers of product rather than to put a load on in one application. Unfortunately I lack the patience to do this!

If your skin is dry, OP, it may be drinking in quite a lot of your foundation. Do you think you are moisturising enough before you apply it? I watch the Wayne Goss makeup application videos, and am always surprised to see how much moisturiser he slathers on before foundation.

Cakescakescakes Fri 12-Aug-16 13:39:40

You need a primer definitely.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 12-Aug-16 13:42:39

Use Nivea post shave balm as a primer, it's fantastic stuff!!

Depends on the foundation, this morning I used hourglass immaculate which is liquid to powder and uses about 1.5 pumps. Day before was Lancome tient idole 24h which doesn't dry nearly as quickly so is more spreadable so I think I only used one pump of that.

A good brush helps with application but not the typical flat foundation brush, look at a brand like zoeva - sold on beauty bay - I love their 102 silk finish face brush and the 104 buffer.

Urban decay all nighter setting spray is good too.

VioletBam Fri 12-Aug-16 13:48:11

Dame I heard that and tried it...I didn't think it was great at all! It might be for younger skin is 43 and very dry...I need thick primer.

veryproudvolleyballmum Fri 12-Aug-16 14:02:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Fri 12-Aug-16 14:10:22

Violet- have you tried Lanacane anti chaff gel? That's thick and same ingredients as Smashbox according to MUA's.

Shannaratiger Fri 12-Aug-16 14:12:41

Watch Wayne Gods on YouTube, he does a great video on how to help foundation stay on all day.

Shannaratiger Fri 12-Aug-16 14:13:40

Goss not God. blush

VioletBam Fri 12-Aug-16 14:21:03

Dame no...but I'll have a look for it thanks!

Cheesymonster Fri 12-Aug-16 17:29:20

LittleOyster I use one by W7 which I got from Amazon for a couple of pounds.

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