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Talk to me about Brazilian blow drys

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Foodymucker Thu 11-Aug-16 20:15:02

I'm 99% sure Im going to get it done but am I wasting my money if I have one just before my holiday ?

dizhin79 Fri 12-Aug-16 00:10:37

Yes if you plan to go in the sea!! Plus are you ready for non bouncy hair. I had it done in March and I've not done it again

IntelligentPutty Fri 12-Aug-16 06:52:01

Had on back in January. It is amazing and was a real life changer for me.
My hair is naturally pretty thing, slight wave, and pretty frizzy. I would not even consider leaving the house without running straighteners through hair.

As I put it to my hairdresser a few weeks later. Now I can go to the gym, shower and then go straight on to the next thing (work, out etc) without any worry that my hair will explode after a couple of hours..

I am not sure how it will cope with the sea.. but if just swimming then it is perfect for the reason mentioned above. .
I suppose you lose the "volume" in the hair generally, but what you gain is the easy to maintain hairstyle.
BTW, I had it in January and only now considering getting it redone so it really does last!

IntelligentPutty Fri 12-Aug-16 06:52:44

* naturally pretty thick!! *

Scarydinosaurs Fri 12-Aug-16 06:53:52

I can't think why the sea would effect it?

Make sure you get SLS free shampoo like Moogoo or Kevin Murphy.

I've had three done now, every 8 months or so. Absolutely brilliant.

TheWombat Fri 12-Aug-16 08:34:09

I have the Goldwell Kerasilk version. My hair is naturally curly, but it's very fine and there's so much of it, it just looks like frizz. It's a game changer for me, I can do a fab salon style blow dry now! If I leave it to dry naturally,, there isn't much difference - but with a hair dryer it looks so much more groomed and healthy. Easier to look after and healthier looking too.

BUT you need to use salt (sodium chloride) free shampoo, so I'd say that the sea would be about the worst thing ever for it! I am given Goldwell shampoos to use after the treatment that don't contain any of the 'bad' ingredients.

Foodymucker Fri 12-Aug-16 17:35:30

Thanks everyone I'm definitely going to go for it , my hair is fine when straightened but the slightest hint of humidity it frizzes up like Monica from friends . As long as I can go in the pool I'm happy to stay out of the sea .

Scarydinosaurs Fri 12-Aug-16 17:45:25

😳 oh I hadn't even thought what SLS actually stood for- I just thought of the sulphate part!

Yes, I imagine the sea would be pretty bad!

Pisssssedofff Fri 12-Aug-16 21:16:56

If your hair is find it'll be like paper see through after that, be prepared, mind looked like shit but I did have it bleached too. Big mistake it's one of the other

busyboysmum Fri 12-Aug-16 21:28:15

I was going to have mine done before I went on holiday. But when I rang to book in the hairdresser said it would ruin it if I was going on holiday. The salt in the sea and the air she said would be a disaster.

TheWombat Fri 12-Aug-16 21:32:04

OP if I was you I'd take advice about whether or not the pool would hurt it - you might just need to keep your hair tied up out of the way. Especially as pools are either full of salt or chlorine. But your hair sounds a lot like mine so I think it would look fab!!

I agree with Pissssed about not mixing bleach and BBD - I had a balayage two weeks after my Kerasilk and it took all the lovely silkiness away 😁 - took several weeks for my hair to look good again. It was an expensive mistake!

Pisssssedofff Fri 12-Aug-16 21:44:42

Do you think it would work with curls? I don't want to loose the ringlets but I do still get frizz which I know is dehydration but honestly I'm at a loss what to do about it, I've not blow dried in over a year, cut my highlights down to twice a year and deep condition every wash. Not sure how much more love I can show it frankly

TheWombat Sat 13-Aug-16 09:46:08

Pissssssed I think it depends on the kind of result you want. I can only really speak for the Kerasilk version, on my own hair which is frizzy/wavy and would be curly if I let it be!

There are two components to the Kerasilk one - a bit that controls frizz and a bit that straightens curls. You can choose to have both parts added to your treatment or just one. I don't like poker straight hair so for my first go, I just asked for the 'control' rather than 'straighten' effect. But it turned out that it didn't really work that well - my hair was softer shinier and less frizzy, but it is so fine that the 'curls' separated into frizz very quickly. So the last time, I asked for both components and it's worked well. There's still a wave to my hair, it's by no means poker straight (though very easy to dry straight), but it looks more 'groomed' IYSWIM. If I leave it to dry naturally, there's still a fluffy, kinky look to it. But it's so easy to dry - much quicker and it's so easy to get the salon blow dry look in 10 minutes.

Before I got mine done, I spent a lot of time looking at examples of BBDs on Instagram - my hairdresser has a great insta with lots of 'before and afters'. Look up @hairboutiqueexeter or search under #kerasilk to see!

Pisssssedofff Sat 13-Aug-16 10:05:10

That's fabulous thank you for the info

Oh2beatsea Sat 13-Aug-16 13:12:16

Can I ask how much the blow dry costs please? I appreciate there will be some variation in the cost due to different areas.

OnePlanOnHouzz Sat 13-Aug-16 13:47:03

I went into my local hairdresser a few years ago and asked for one of these and they looked at me like I was some kind of pervert !!!
( it was when it was only just out - and obviously my local place hadn't heard of it yet !!) blush

Scarydinosaurs Sat 13-Aug-16 15:48:54

£125 and that includes a cut at my hairdressers.

houzz oh the mind boggles at what they imagined it to be 😂

IntelligentPutty Sat 13-Aug-16 17:48:29

Mine was £80
South England.
No haircut included.

TheWombat Sat 13-Aug-16 18:23:40

I think mine was £175! But took easily 3.5 hours (I have a LOT of hair) and came with shampoo / conditioner included.

Oh2beatsea Sat 13-Aug-16 19:34:11

Thanks for your replies ^

Lara2 Sat 13-Aug-16 20:16:11

houzz - I suspect they were thinking exactly what I was thinking!!! Old person here blush

Foodymucker Sun 14-Aug-16 19:55:30

Well I'm having it done tomorrow , my daughters paid , think it was about 80 . I had my hair coloured a fortnight ago and I'm off on holiday on Tuesday so it could be the miracle I'm hoping for or all go horribly wrong , I will report back .

Scarydinosaurs Sun 14-Aug-16 21:53:09

Good luck! I hope you love it!

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