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Vow Renewal Dress

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smellylittleorange Wed 10-Aug-16 12:51:30

Having a small vow renewal ceremony next year - desperately trying to lose a bit of weight beforehand and planning what to wear/having a vision would help aid this.

It occured to me to wonder if there were any unwritten rules /ettiquette regarding vow renewal attire- do you have any opinions. DH suggested I wear my wedding dress whi I do not want to do and thought would look weird Dsis seemed to think it was not so weird... I was surprised ! If it was an actual marriage - a second marriage to someone different etc, I would wear a long bridal dress of course but it just doesn't seem right to pretend it is an actual wedding let alone recycle my dress

That said now i am wondering whether it would be appropriate to wear Ivory ! I was thinking something 50s style and Tea length It is a church service in west country photos on beach , campsite festival style party with max 30 people ... even when i am thin I am quite curvy not sure i could pull off a boho style look.

So guess the question is what do you think is a Nono for a vow renewal? - would you think I was weird for wearing a shorter Ivory dress?

botemp Wed 10-Aug-16 13:13:05

Isn't the whole point of vow renewals to reflect who you are as a couple now?

I'd definitely get something new and a short ivory dress sounds perfect for the occasion, the original wedding dress not so much imho.

smellylittleorange Wed 10-Aug-16 13:22:07

thanks botemp - so you wouldn't think it was weird if I was wearing Ivory? At then end of the day maybe I am worrying unnecessarily it is my nearest and dearest attending whom I would hope wouldn't judge me. Now am looking at brightly coloured petticoats under 50s Ivory dresses to reflect me/what I like more!

I've always wanted a 50s dress - I could get something I can wear again but then again I tell myself that everytime I buy myself an "occasion dress" and never wear it again!

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