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Hair dye question

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discoballfever Wed 10-Aug-16 08:34:05

So bleach blonde hair with quote big dark roots.
Thinking of going a more natural blonde, what hair dye colour will I need?
I will be doing it at home. Tia

discoballfever Thu 11-Aug-16 15:00:37


gingerbreadmanm Thu 11-Aug-16 15:03:18

ur best bet if dyeing at home is to go for a subtle ombre. i would get a dye beginning with a jumber 8 for this.

it will be difficult to match the roots and bleach blond up on your own.

you could try putting a base 9 or 10 all over however ur ends will likely still be lighter.

what kind of colour are you hoping to be, do you have a pic?

Missgraeme Thu 11-Aug-16 15:14:01

What about the kit to strip the colour back and start again?

gingerbreadmanm Thu 11-Aug-16 20:26:53

you cant strip bleach. bleach takes the colour pigment out of the hair.

discoballfever Thu 11-Aug-16 21:09:45

I don't really know I've always been bleach blonde was just thinking of a change

gingerbreadmanm Thu 11-Aug-16 21:17:49

i would do a subtle ombre in that case. go for a base 9 or 8. backcomb ur hair just below your root line and colour ur roots.

if u have a wide tooth comb u could pick the top section up and.comb a few low lights through the underneath to blend it a bit better.

discoballfever Thu 11-Aug-16 21:53:12

That's brilliant Thankyou will give it ago

gingerbreadmanm Thu 11-Aug-16 21:54:56

good luck. be plenty of youtube vids around if you want to see it in action.

Passthecake30 Fri 12-Aug-16 07:10:26

My understanding is that you have to put ash tones in your hair rather than reddish that will go orange on a very light base...

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