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Leg waxing problems

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skivvywoman Wed 10-Aug-16 01:16:28

I don't mind get my legs waxed don't find it painful at all and I would get it done all the time if it actually made my legs smooth!
Am I doing anything wrong? But they never stay smooth any longer than a day or 2! I know it's a different hair cycle coming in but I'd need waxed every week!
(Yip I've got hairy monkey legs)

itsbetterthanabox Wed 10-Aug-16 01:27:59

Do you shave in between? For the hairs to all be in the same time of their cycle you need to regularly wax every 4-6 weeks with no shaving in between. It can take a fair few waxes before you get into the correct cycle. Then you'll get the long lasting smooth results.

Wallabyone Wed 10-Aug-16 01:38:27

I have the same problem, and I have done for years. I don't shave in between. I am going to get waxed on Thursday and will take my epilator with me on holiday and will need to use about three/four days afterwards. I'm booking myself in for laser this winter!

skivvywoman Wed 10-Aug-16 10:11:31

I was wanting them done for my holidays but there's really no point as I would need to shave, but to be honest even the day I get them done they are prickly
I would need to start the 4 week cycle

HowToChooseAUserName Wed 10-Aug-16 12:21:38

You need to bite the bullet and get the majority of your hair on the same cycle. So stop shaving and wait about 3 weeks - if you can manage it before having a wax. Trousers til then. Then once you are in a cycle you're away.

HowToChooseAUserName Wed 10-Aug-16 12:22:09

*4 weeks if you can manage it.

NotMrsTumble Wed 10-Aug-16 12:28:00

Invest in a philips lumea (if you're the right skin/hair combo).
I used to have gorilla hairy legs, (5 o'clock shaddow after shaving in the morning) but lumea has reduced hairiness to the point that I don't panic if the kids want to be taken swimming and I haven't shaved my legs in a week.

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