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Interview wear

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madein1995 Tue 09-Aug-16 18:28:31

I'm lucky enough to have two interviews this week, one in a pub and one in a nursery, and think I've decided on outfits but think I just need to run it past someone for a second opinion IYSWIM?

For the bar job, I was thinking black trousers, plain black tee shirt, black pumps (with a tiny heel but no where near heeled - they're a pair o those comfort shoes) and a pink 3/4 sleeved blazer. A bit more toned down than my usual interview wear, but I don't think a full on suit would suit the pub interview?

For the nursery, the same trousers and shoes, but a pink pussybow blouse and black blazer jacket. Smart, my usual interview wear, but I'm thinking would the black blazer and blouse be better for the pub as well. Oh, decisions!

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