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Right getting seriously fed up now, another shampoo and conditioner rant....

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Indecisivejo Mon 08-Aug-16 16:33:34

Right why does nothing exist for me!! Feel like I've tried everything! My scalp is still itchy and flaky (flakes sometimes very bad, other times hardly any) but my hair is a mare! It's coarse and wiry and fluffy etc but my roots always feel coated if you see what I mean. I know my hairs damaged because I use straighteners often and get it coloured but if I use anything for dry damaged hair my hair doesn't feel clean it has a residue on it! I've been using the kerastase heat protector cream but does jack shit am just sick of not being able to find a good shampoo and conditioner! I'm going away Friday so need to pack something!!!!!

Euphemia Mon 08-Aug-16 16:45:37

Have you used anything like T-Gel for the itchiness?

Naicecuppatea Mon 08-Aug-16 17:12:19

Coal tar shampoo for the scalp, there is one called Alphosyl which I like. Just shampoo your roots and condition the rest of your hair with a non silicone conditioner. Clear shampoos are better than cloudy ones if you have buildup.

Redken24 Mon 08-Aug-16 17:14:30

T-Gel is a great shampoo.. great for an irritated scalp.

Sorry to be cheeky but are you washing your hair properly? like the 50p shampoo on scalp and conditioner only on ends etc...

I took a short course in hair styling and was shocked to discover that I was washing my hair wrong! sad haha.

brucebogtrotter Mon 08-Aug-16 17:23:25

I've got hair like this and have gone back time and again to the Bodyshop Ginger shampoo. Works well for me. Worth a go?

Redken24 Mon 08-Aug-16 17:38:15

I started using a cheap shampoo and it really helped for me (Boots own Apple Shampoo)

MILLYmo0se Mon 08-Aug-16 18:20:59

Is it possible theres build up of product or shampoo on your haircand scalp? I wash mine every couple of months with fairy liquid (the original green one),my hair tends to gets fuzzy and the curls really limp after a while mostly because we have really hard water. The fairy takes all the build up out and hair is lovely and shiny after -you can use a clarifying shampoo or apple cider vinegar to do the same job but fairy best imo.
Be warned though it will lighten any dye you have in your hair though...

YesYABU Mon 08-Aug-16 18:23:49

For your scalp have you tried: T-gel, capasal (coal tar), or Aveeno shampoo?

Plus what PP have put about amounts and only putting shampoo on scalp/ conditioner on ends.

Ffion3107 Mon 08-Aug-16 18:27:17

My hairdresser told me a few months ago that I was using way too much shampoo. Advised me to use a 50p sized amount twice, and then condition the ends only. It has made a huge difference to my hair.
Also, I used to buy whatever was on offer so always had a flaky scalp. But she told me to stick to the same ones to avoid itchiness and flakes.

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Mon 08-Aug-16 18:43:08

I think you have 'greasy dandruff' also known as Seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Symptoms are itchy, oily, flaky scalp and not to be confused with dry dandruff which needs different treatment.

To treat yours, try Eucerin DermoCapillaire Anti dandruff shampoo for greasy dandruff. Every day. It will sort the problem out without drying the rest of your hair out.

Be careful not to get heat protector cream or conditioner on your scalp as this will make it worse or could even be causing it.

If that doesn't work, get referred by your doctor to a dermatologist. Also ask for your iron levels and thyroid to be checked as if they go haywire it really affects your hair.

Cakescakescakes Mon 08-Aug-16 18:48:57

I have unruly hair and an itchy scalp. What works for me is washing my hair every other day and alternating using Tgel (the proper brown coal tar one) and a clarifying shampoo - the best I've found is Redken Cleansing Cream. This is kind of like a deep clean for your hair. I use a bit of Liz Earle hair oil on the ends when I blow dry and straighten the a few drops on the ends after straightening as well

If I don't use the Tgel for a week the itching is unbearable on my scalp. It is honestly fantastic. Been using it for 20 years. But I need the clarifying element to get rid of the oil for styling. This combo works great for me.

Cakescakescakes Mon 08-Aug-16 18:51:06

I came across the Redken one when I had horrific waxy build up from pregnancy hormones. Literally like dollops of lard on my hair even immediately after washing. I tried fairy liquid, vinegar, baby shampoo and every clarifying shampoo I could find. Redken was 100 times better than any of them but just too harsh to use every time. I'm evangelical about it now! I get mine online from Feel Unique or Look Fantastic (can't remember which).

Indecisivejo Mon 08-Aug-16 19:18:13

Thank you so much to all of your replies so far everyone! I'm rubbish at replying to individual comments when there's lots so apologies if I don't comment on your response but I have read them all so it's all in my head and I appreciate it smile
I defo wash hair properly (no offence taken) but my problem is I definitely need conditioner on roots too that's why it's hard for me to find something. If I only condition ends I cannot get a brush through it and I have extremely dry fluffy roots so I have to apply at least a little bit I tend to condition outside of hair then when rinsing I run fingers through so some gets all over if you see what I mean? Body shop banana conditioner seems to be only one I can do this with without too much irritation but I need a lot of it!
I tried t gel yonks ago and hated the way it made my hair go it really dried it out but maybe it's more gentle these days? So may get some to use couple times a week maybe? Another problem for me is I need to wash every day to stop the itching, I trained myself to go every other day but my scalp been much worse since! I'm just one of those people I guess that needs frequent washing.
I'm not using the kerastase heat cream anymore it seemed to make hair dryer if anything! I've got Loreal extraordinary oil maybe that's better?
It's a bloody joke.

SpareHead3 Mon 08-Aug-16 19:25:33

Eucerin also do a calming scalp lotion which my dd has found very soothing.

Cakescakescakes Mon 08-Aug-16 20:48:18

Tgel can be drying but I use loads of conditioner to compensate. I use the Aussie 3 minute miracle treatment every time as a normal conditioner as most normal conditioners aren't hardcore enough!

stupidgreatgrinonmyface Mon 08-Aug-16 21:03:19

Liz Earle. She only does one shampoo, but there are several conditioners. I use the one for dry hair and find it very good. It's very thick and I feel as though it acts like a cream for scalp. I use the hair oil when I dry my hair and I do feel it adds an extra layer of protection. With the shampoo I find once is enough.

Puggirl007 Mon 08-Aug-16 21:19:54

I have, over the years, had lots of problems with my scalp and used most shampoos and conditioners on the market. My go to product is Joico Daily treatment shampoo and the K-pak conditioner is very good. Both were recommended by a Trichologist.

I can't recommend the shampoo enough. I am currently nursing a very sore scalp following a hair dye disaster and Joico is putting it right. I buy it online for about £10-12 a bottle. Give it a whirlsmile

RobberBride Mon 08-Aug-16 21:19:58

This is only £2 and may help sort out the flakes - it does on my hair. (It usually gets recommended on this board, it has a lot of Mumsnet fans.) I use it every other wash:'Or%C3%83%C2%A9al-Elvive-Men-Anti-Dandruff-Shampoo-400ml_28662

KiwiKay Mon 08-Aug-16 21:30:19

I use Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner which I find really good.
If you find your ends are dry (mine get that way since I use straighteners daily) I like GHD Advanced Split Ends Therapy as it seems to relax the hair and make the ends feel softer.

Tubbyinthehottub Mon 08-Aug-16 21:35:45

What have you been using? I got an itchy head from Tresemmé. I would just use T-Gel once or twice a week as it does really strip the hair. It did help with my itchy head though. Have you seen your GP about it?

TeamEponine Mon 08-Aug-16 21:42:11

DH can only use one shampoo due to similar issues. The intensive treatment shampoo by head and shoulders. Difficult to find though.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Mon 08-Aug-16 22:51:44

NOT extraordinary oil. If your hair isn't feeling clean then it sounds like you're using too many silicones and they are coating the hair - tends to look good for a bit then you get caught in the cycle of having to use it because when you don't it looks shitty.

I'm not sure I can help though as my hair is bone dry, but I do the curly girl method - no sulfates, no silicones.

Indecisivejo Tue 09-Aug-16 08:46:19

That joico one sounds fab! Which conditioner do you use with it on a regular basis? And which k pak one do u mean as there's a few. Thanks smile.....

Have tried Liz Earle one made my scalp worse even tho I loved the lather and smell sad
Also tried that Loreal one and hated it grrrr

Silverstreaks Tue 09-Aug-16 18:11:19

I get a really itchy, flakey scalp using shampoo with sls in it and conditioner with silicone.
Unfortunately most shampoos have sodium laurel/laureth sulphate and most conditioners have silicones.
The sls strip all the oils out of your hair - too harsh. Which means you need the conditioner to put the moisture back. The silicone coats your hair, slowly plasticising it and drys it out, which makes it fluffy.
If you're willing to try something different, strip the silicone off with a clarifying shampoo or the fairy liquid. Rinse it with diluted vinegar. Lastly put a drop or two of argan oil through it.
It's not going to be perfect immediately but you'll be able to see what your hair is actually like without silicones on it and slowly introduce less harsh stuff.
Once you start reading about it you'll see it's quite common and most shampoos and conditioners are the culprit rather than the solution.

Indecisivejo Tue 09-Aug-16 18:57:08

The shampoo and conditioner I use at mo doesn't have silicone in them and I've been down the whole sls free route and its not for me my hair and scalp are so much worse when I use a non sulphate shamp (yes I've persevered and have tried lots of diff varieties)
I'm really liking the look of that joico one, looked it up on lookfantastic and I like the fact they also sell the 1 litre size too.....goin on hols Friday but am seriously considering ordering when I return smile

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