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Cheap ways to buy at Next and Oasis

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newtothenet Mon 08-Aug-16 11:17:18

So now I've had my colours done I've spotted some lovely "autumn" dresses and tops in Next and Oasis. Unfortunately I'm trying to redo my whole wardrobe on a budget! Does anyone know where I can find a good discount code / sign up to an account / any other tricks to make it a bit more affordable? (I'm normally a primark / Tesco / sale girl!

Buddahbelly Mon 08-Aug-16 16:41:43

You could try next outlet stores? Have a Google, I've often seen things full price in next but discounted in our local outlet store.

As for oasis try places they have concessions such as John Lewis, debenhams house of framer, I usually manage to find a discount code for the things I want in at least 1 of them

MiracletoCome Mon 08-Aug-16 17:26:09

Unfortunately there never seems to be a discount code for Next apart from those introduce a friend things, I now tend to wait for the sale unless there is something I specifically want. I do think the Next Autumn clothes are always much better than the Summer ones though. The thing with Next though is that I see something really nice and then they seem to use the print on everything and you see it everywhere you go and it's obviously Next.

jaykay34 Mon 08-Aug-16 19:05:11

Next clearance online is pretty good for cheap sale price items (all at 50% less), and updated every day. However, you won't get the current clothes - but possibly very similar from last year's collection.
Don't be put off if you look and your size isn't there - just keep checking every morning and you might get lucky.
They don't usually do discount vouchers - except for the refer a friend ones.
I buy loads from Next, but only from online clearance, the sale and outlet stores. I don't think I'd ever pay full price there, as it gets so heavily reduced.

maggiethemagpie Mon 08-Aug-16 19:31:37

Next do a ten pound off fifteen pound spend every few months, you have to go in store to get a ticket. I did it, then got my partner, mum, dad and dad's partner to do it, all to get clothes for the children, so we saved £50 on about £80 worth of clothes.

maggiethemagpie Mon 08-Aug-16 19:32:14

sorry forgot to mention you have to spend the £15 online, not in store

everythingsgoingsouth Mon 08-Aug-16 19:40:44

join /quidco, usually give a % off , look on ebay, check out the outlet shops?

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