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Bra help plz.

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HermiioneSnape02 Mon 08-Aug-16 10:06:22

I've been having trouble getting my usual bra of Rosie at M&S. So have been trying to find other comfortable bras. I am a 34G in Rosie and Freya. But the curvy Kate was uncomfortable so was fantasie and M&S own brands.
I don't live near a bravissimo. What other brands are there similar to Rosie. Or what size would I be in curvy Kate. Do I go to to a 34GG or H?

Some help would be great as I'm down to about 3 bras now and I'm getting fed up of trying bras on now hmm

salsamad Mon 08-Aug-16 10:16:49

I know the feeling of being utterly fed up of trying bras on. When you have bigger boobs all bras tend to fit you differently.
Try a department store close to you eg Debenhams or John Lewis, as they will have a wide variety of brands. Bravissimo do mail order with free returns - check out there website and you can ring and chat to their customer services team with any queries. You could also try Pour Moi - I have had bras and bikinis from them and they are a good fit/ good quality (they are a brand sold in Figleaves, Bravissimo and other on line lingerie shops).

HermiioneSnape02 Mon 08-Aug-16 15:06:26

Thanks salsa.
I would Just would like to go into a shop and buy a bra. It really shouldn't be this difficult.

leedy Mon 08-Aug-16 15:27:27

Good fit really depends on your shape as well as your size - if your breasts have wide "roots" then you'll need wide wires to avoid digging in at the sides, if they're widely spaced you'll need widely spaced cups to avoid having gaping/discomfort in the middle, you may need a different shape depending on whether your boobs are fuller at the top or bottom, etc. There are some brands/styles I know at this stage that I just can't wear.

There's a good website called Bratabase where you can put in bras that fit you and it will tell you about similar shapes:

HermiioneSnape02 Tue 09-Aug-16 09:31:31

Bumping for more traffic and also to ask about bikini tops?

Can anyone recommend a good halter neck bikini top for 34G? I've had a look and they all look quite skimpy. I want to look classy not a page 3 look.
Thanks X

leedy Tue 09-Aug-16 11:11:19

Cleo and Freya both do good supportive halterneck bikini tops in cup sizes. Neither are particularly skimpy, or at least I've been able to run around after small children/go swimming/etc. in mine without feeling at risk of falling out.

HermiioneSnape02 Tue 09-Aug-16 12:32:33

Thanks Leedy. I'll take a look.

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