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NotAMamaYet Sun 07-Aug-16 15:40:21

Thinking of getting my first ever wax - Brazilian I guess?! - before I go on holiday in a week or so.

Slightly nervous and googling seems to suggest that as a first timer the results won't be that good??

Just after some first hand experience/what to expect/whether to even bother if I won't get a good 'finish' in time for holiday!

LordEmsworth Sun 07-Aug-16 16:13:20

I had mine done for the first time last year, and loved it so have kept it up. I went Hollywood, which is everything off - Brazilian leaves a strip at the front; or you could just get a tidy up so there's nothing poking out the sides...

I found the first time, it re-grew quicker than it does now - after a week I had some regrowth, but very short and soft so not unpleasant. I'd say fine for a holiday, no spiders' legs or anything like that... You'll get a good finish, just it might not last as long as it would if you get it done regularly already.

But you will need to exfoliate - the salon will probably sell a spray you can just spray on daily, to help prevent ingrowing hairs.

Have it done at least a few days before you go away, so it has a chance to recover itself and you know if there's a reaction. Aftercare is generally 24 hours no hot baths, saunas, spray tan, or sex, if you have any of those planned. And also it gives you a few days to get your self pride back after the indignity of lying there spreadeagled making small talk.

And - I would always choose hot wax (wax that they put on, leave to set, then pull off), not strip wax (where the wax goes on, they press a fabric strip onto it, then rip that off). It takes longer but hurts much less, I wouldn't have it done with strip wax and I am quite hardy...

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