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I want a really lovely hippy/gypsy skirt

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OdinsLoveChild Sat 06-Aug-16 23:23:52

Where do I find a really lovely good quality hippy/gypsy skirt?
I'm short (5ft on the dot) so it cant be too long but I do want it long and flowing just not dragging on the floor.

It's just for swishing/dancing around the house and looking beautiful wink , so no special occasion in mind and I'm looking for something excitingly coloured too so not plain black/brown/navy.

heartyrebel Sun 07-Aug-16 09:40:43

have you seen spell designs? they're aussie but deliver worldwide
I have a couple of pieces from them and they are lovely quality, gorgeous fabrics

DiscordiaVanDiemen Sun 07-Aug-16 11:30:53

heartyrebel I wish I hadn't clicked on that link, I want practically everything on that site! grin

Talisin Sun 07-Aug-16 12:36:00

Hah! I was coming on to rec Spell and the Gipsy as well. They have utterly gorgeous stuff but, warning from one who has been stung, the import duties can be massive.

MephistoMarley Sun 07-Aug-16 13:45:08

poppym12 Sun 07-Aug-16 16:15:24

I'm sure I've seen some spell stuff on a UK based website. Possibly a place in Brighton. I'm out at the moment and short on time so will look later.

poppym12 Sun 07-Aug-16 16:19:44

'nepenthe' but can't link at moment.

OdinsLoveChild Sun 07-Aug-16 22:16:39

Thanks. I will go and have a look. grin

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