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Do these match??

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WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 16:31:31


WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 16:34:40

Or this??

idontlikealdi Sat 06-Aug-16 16:37:15

I like the red / pink. The pale blue one is all too pale IMO.

peanutbutter2409 Sat 06-Aug-16 16:37:40

The first two look beautiful

Freshprincess Sat 06-Aug-16 16:37:54

I think the top two would look really nice together. I love the red skirt more though.

MaisieDotes Sat 06-Aug-16 16:39:24

I like the first two together.

I wouldn't put lace with the red print, it would be too much going on IMO.

Madbengalmum Sat 06-Aug-16 16:40:20

Is it for a wedding?
I am only asking because if it were i would go for the top and red skirt because i think the first two are a bit bridesmaid like.
However if not i like both combos.

I like the red skirt. Think it needs a much simpler top though - the lace is too fussy.

WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 16:45:56

Yes, wedding. Trying to aim for maximum coverage!

Freshprincess Sat 06-Aug-16 16:49:58

The lace is a bit too much for the red skirt, same style but plainer would look much nicer.
The pale blue skirt would look a shocker on me but if you have the right colouring the first two as a combo would be lovely.

WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 17:01:38

I have no idea whether I have the right colouring.

I'm white. Pinky rather than yellow I reckon. Legs ashen white.

Madbengalmum Sat 06-Aug-16 17:04:10

I think for a wedding the lace top and patterned skirt would be very on trend and is a good look. Lace and patterns mixed has featured heavily this season.

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sat 06-Aug-16 17:05:33

The two pastels together, pink and grey. I think primary and pastel colours aren't such a good match.

WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 19:23:07

The two pastels means I'll coordinate with DD (not that it matters, but a nice bonus).

But the pink and red are the same label and season so perhaps more likely to go together.

But I've not seen the red skirt.

I think I need to order all three.

burnishedsilver Sat 06-Aug-16 19:26:30

The lace top with the pattern top have too much going on between them. They are too busy together.

burnishedsilver Sat 06-Aug-16 19:26:47

Pattern skirt, not top.

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sat 06-Aug-16 19:48:40

I wouldn't have thought the same label and season clothes would be all coordinating, I could be wrong.

WhatTheActualFugg Sat 06-Aug-16 20:57:55

No, not necessarily. But the colours are likely to be the same. The same pink, the same blue etc. If you mix seasons or labels then it's much more pot luck. I wouldn't try and mix two pinks from two different labels for example.

I am feeling more for the blue so will do that and hope it works!

Thank you everyone! wine all round! smile

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