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Weekend away with new man - need help with outfits/nightwear!

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superdeeduper Sat 06-Aug-16 09:26:47

So got a weekend away with a new man, city break in Britain. Looks like the weather will be nice too so will be sightseeing, eating out at night etc.
But what to wear??

I am mainly fretting about underwear/nightwear. Would really love to have some gorgeous underwear to swan about the hotel room in. I probably won't be wearing anything to bed but the thought struck me, what if the fire alarm goes off?! So I need something I can throw on in case of emergencies. So something sexy but not too embarrassing if we need to evacuate our hotel room! (I fear I am already overthinking things!) Was thinking a slip maybe?

Also for walking about if its going to be hot, I thought a day dress for during the day? I quite like these 2 in the links but will I look like I am trying too hard??

Can anyone suggest anything for wearing through the day instead? I am early 40s and a size 10 if that helps. Please help lovely ladies as I am driving myself mad worrying about this and trying to look 'effortlessly cool'!!

DianaT1969 Sat 06-Aug-16 13:54:23

I like both dresses and if you wear flat pumps/sandals/wedges you can walk in - then you won't look at all over dressed IMO.

Sounds like you need a silk robe. Handy to pop to the bathroom in etc. Something like this maybe? Ted Baker often have nice ones.

FauxFox Sat 06-Aug-16 16:27:12

If its a posh hotel they will have bath robes there for you to use (in case of fire alarm grin)

I like the stripy dress, the other one is a bit festival-wear for me for a city break...

Have a wonderful time!

If they fit you, the M&S Rosie silk bras/knickers are nice and not too expensive.

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