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Any recommendations where I could get permanent eyebrows (in central London)?

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ATrumpIsAFartCalledDonald Fri 05-Aug-16 17:23:56

I work in central London and Google has obviously thrown up a few options but there's nothing better than personal recommendations.
I've also noticed a big difference in prices, around how much would you expect to be reasonable? I'm sick of tints, pencils, powders etc.


DietingAgain Fri 05-Aug-16 22:18:46

Price does range drastically. I have recently had mine done and after a lot of research I found the best of the best was karen betts. She has a clinic on Harley street London as well as two regional clinics. She is fab but will probably be the more expensive option. Google her, she's in you tube as well.

DianaT1969 Sat 06-Aug-16 08:09:03

I had mine done at Natural Enhancement in Chiswick. Good results. Try to do it on a Friday afternoon when you have nothing to for the weekend. The colour is very intense for the 1st 2 weeks and they look shiny because you put balm on to keep the skin from drying out. Like slugs on your face. I had planned acweek's holiday after and wore a baseball cap when out.

maggiethemagpie Sat 06-Aug-16 16:47:16

My advice is to pay a top of the range price or avoid! I stupidly let my eyebrow waxer do mine for a low price, thought it was getting a bargain but she f'd it up and I had to get it redone, luckily it all looks good now but it was very stressful. It's a highly skilled job, you want someone with plenty of experience, don't pay less than £400, prob £500 in London. It is good when its done properly now, mine look much better than before!

maggiethemagpie Sat 06-Aug-16 16:48:00

Sorry can't recommend in London as I don't live there. I've heard Tracie Giles is good though.

LHReturns Sat 06-Aug-16 18:14:07

Debra Robson Lawrence...

DianaT1969 Sat 06-Aug-16 19:27:37

I agree that it's worth paying for experience. It takes a few hours and is skilled work. Make an appointment to chat it through and view their work before committing.

ATrumpIsAFartCalledDonald Sat 06-Aug-16 20:06:48

Thanks for the tips! I admit to being a bit shock when I saw prices started at £400 at some Harley st clinics as I honestly thought even £150 would be pushing it.

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