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Mending help please

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PhyllisWig Thu 04-Aug-16 20:45:01

Please help my husband not be right.

Found a blazer tucked in the back of the Mango sale - not a shop I usually visit so a complete fluke. It was the exact colour and shape I have been looking for, fits really nicely and was less than half price. Once I tried it on and realised all this, I also realised it had big contrasting elbow patches on it which I'm not keen on. I took a look and thought I'd take a punt, buy it and see if I could remove them.

First one is now off and I've been really neat BUT there is an oval of stitch marks and a mark in the pile of the fabric. It's not awful but you can see it if you look. How can I lessen this? Fabric is a kind of velvety cotton with polyester lining. It's ironable (up to 110 degrees) and dry clean only. Should I try to press it out? Get it dry cleaned?

JamieLannistersFuckButler Thu 04-Aug-16 21:57:34

I think if the jacket is cotton or mostly cotton, you have a good chance of making it look a lot better.

Is it velvety (furry-ish), or more moleskin (peach- skin sort of effect)?

Talk to a dry cleaner - a good independent might have more clue than a chain shop.

Steaming with one of those steamers they have in clothes shops may well help - not an iron, a thing that fires steam out.

(If it's velvet then personally I'd have a gentle scrub with a just-damp toothbrush on a tiny tiny inconspicuous area, let it dry, then scrub gently with a dry toothbrush and see how it looked. But I am incautious...)

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