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DIY gel nails. Stockists?

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Givemestrenght13 Thu 04-Aug-16 15:13:25

I am looking to purchase the Sensationail starter pack. After years of paying to get my nails done, I though I would give it a go.

I want to buy decent products to prep and look after my nails, Cutical remover, Cutical pusher etc (the things I've seen used and I figure are needed to get the best result!) but it seems eveywhere on the internet is for professionals to purchase only, which I completely understand.

But I don't want to wreck my nails by using fake products from Amazon and EBay. I wrecked one of my nails once using a Cutical pusher from China which was so sharp it look a chunk out of my nail. I do appreciate this was user error too.

I don't want to set up my own dodgy business, I just want decent products!

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