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Tell me what I should be asking for in the hair salon

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sycamore54321 Thu 04-Aug-16 03:01:49

I have blonde hair that darkened over the years to a mousey non-colour. At which point I started getting a half head of very subtle highlights to bring it back up to blind again. All was well until most reeng I've quite suddenly and dramatically developed two very pronounced grey/white streaks at my temples, which are massively visible when I tie my hair back or even tuck behind my ears.

I presume I now need to dye these areas. But do I keep up the highlights too or is there some kind of all-over hair dye that would cover the grey streaks and would give me a bit of a blond colour overall?

Or should I be thinking something different entirely? Thanks!

Wombat87 Thu 04-Aug-16 03:08:56

With all over colour your all over regrowth will be more noticeable quicker including the grey areas. I would speak to your hair dresser and ask if the highlights can incorporate the greys. It could be you have more highlights put in to make it lighter overall?

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