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What to wear when it's warmish but rainy?

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Butteredparsnips Wed 03-Aug-16 11:08:54

And you don't want to look like a refugee from an anorak conference?

I'm not at work today, but wanted to look smartish for some personal appointments. I googled summer rainy day outfits and one of the helpful suggestions thrown up was white jeans. Because white jeans look soooo good with rain & mud splats don't they hmm.

So I chose navy jeggins(I know) and navy loafers, then decided I needed a lighter top, so I added a pale pink shirt. Not wanting to wear an anorak, I opted for a light trench coat. The result in the mirror? Well to be honest I looked like I was channelling Ralph Lauren from about 1985.

So can you you share your ideas please? I need some inspiration.

PNGirl Wed 03-Aug-16 13:30:22

Honestly? No jacket and a brolly. Or at most a shirt or leather jacket open over a light top with brolly. The problem with waterproof coats is that, even when they're nice, they cover up what you wear on your top half making jeans look automatically casual and trousers automatically smart. Plus they're sweaty.

bombayflambe Wed 03-Aug-16 13:45:27

If you are in a city, what PNG said, otherwise put a mac on and take it off when you get there.
Ralph Lauren 1985 is back, lots of little trench coats with jeans this season (Blake Lively arriving at Cannes for example)...

flowery Wed 03-Aug-16 13:49:32

I just wear whatever I would wear for the same temperature without the rain and take an umbrella.

vitaminC Wed 03-Aug-16 13:50:52

I almost posted a similar thread the other day!

What do people wear on their feet on hot but rainy days? It's been low-mid-30s°C here for the past few weeks, but we've had rain and storms over 50% of the time. It's too hot for closed shoes, but too wet for sandals...

Butteredparsnips Wed 03-Aug-16 14:32:51

PNGirl I agree with you re coats. Only smart coats look smart don't they? And you are right about the sweating too. I think the trouble is I try to think of outfits rather than individual pieces of clothing, and I am finding it difficult to find the right look. It's made me realise that I need more lighter coloured tops, amongst the black, white and navy regulars!

vitamin shoes is another level if angst isn't it? It's too hot for any kind of hosiery, so formal shoes don't look good, and you get wet feet in sandals. We are off to Florida soon, and I was thinking what to wear there, as it's likely to be warm, with rainy episodes. I'm thinking of flip-flops, as at least my feet will dry out. Still doesn't help me decide what to wear here though.

PNGirl Wed 03-Aug-16 16:14:45

I tend to wear canvas Converse or material (not leather) Nike trainers. If pushed for formal wear I'll put on ballet flats.

The twice I've been to Florida I wore trainers they did get soaked on water rides but dried quickly!

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